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Virginia ABC believes in a multi-faceted approach to alcohol education and prevention and includes individuals, families, licensees and communities in its programming curriculum. Virginia ABC’s Community Health & Engagement staff offers programs to prevent underage alcohol use and promote the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages for those of age who choose to consume.

Youth Programs

Virginia ABC’s youth programs are designed for elementary, middle and high school students, staff and parents. Our programs provide organizations with the skills, resources and tools to prevent youth substance use paired with role modeling of healthy behaviors.
Miss Virginia School Tour

Miss Virginia School Tour

Miss Virginia travels across Virginia to elementary schools spreading a message of health, wellness and prevention with students and teachers.

Being Outstanding Leaders Together against Drugs and Alcohol

Being Outstanding Leaders Together against Drugs and Alcohol

BOLT provides middle schools with training and resources to teach students the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body, brain, academics and relationships through alcohol and drug prevention education, leadership skill building and strengthening of refusal skills.


Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project

YADAPP is a leadership program for high school students to address underage substance use through implementation of strategic prevention plans at their schools.

Power of Parents

Power of Parents

The Power of Parents program is designed to empower parents of middle and high school students through resources and training to have ongoing, intentional conversations about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking.

Virginia Office for Substance Abuse Prevention 

Virginia Office for Substance Abuse Prevention

VOSAP promotes collaboration among state and local agencies, organizations, coalitions and faith communities that address substance abuse prevention.



Adult Programs

Virginia ABC develops and implements statewide alcohol education and prevention programming for college students, of-age adults and aging adults.

Higher Education Alcohol and Drug Strategic Unified Prevention

HEADS UP provides resources to help strengthen and support the mission of healthy and safe campus-communities, and offers strategic planning materials to define clear and identifiable measures.

Project Sticker Shock

Project Sticker Shock

Supplies are provided to community groups in an effort to decrease social providing. The project includes stickers being placed on alcohol packaging reminding buyers to not provide to minors and is done in conjunction with a press event to help raise awareness.


Virginia Higher Education Substance Use Advisory Committee

VHESUAC is led by an Executive Council and Workgroup that develop and update a statewide strategic plan for substance use education, prevention and intervention at Virginia’s institutions of higher education.



Licensee Training Programs

Virginia ABC is dedicated to educating our licensees, which is why we offer free training to help managers, sellers and servers to become more responsible and better understand ABC laws, rules and regulations.

Managers’ Alcohol Responsibility Training (MART)

Trainings are held regionally and conducted by Virginia ABC special agents to help managers and owners of licensed establishments become more responsible and to better understand Virginia laws, rules and regulations.


Responsible Alcohol Delivery Driver (RADD)

RADD online training is designed to educate licensees and alcoholic beverage delivery drivers on delivery best practices. Join us in preventing unlawful sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages while running a successful and safe business.



Responsible Sellers & Servers: Virginia’s Program (RSVP)

Trainings are held regionally and conducted by Virginia ABC special agents to help alcohol sellers and servers in licensed establishments become more responsible and to better understand Virginia laws, rules and regulations.


Seller/Server Training Approval Program (STAP)

Pursuant to COV 4.1-227(E), STAP reviews and approves alcohol seller and server training programs external to Virginia ABC for approved use by licensed establishments in Virginia.


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