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Hearings and Appeals

The administrative hearings process addresses disciplinary matters related to violations of ABC law and regulations, contested license applications, including objections to banquet applications, and franchise issues.

Hearings are conducted by the Hearings, Appeals and Judicial Services Division, an independent adjudicatory division within Virginia ABC that schedules and conducts hearings on matters brought before the Virginia ABC Board for resolution. It is our policy, in compliance with statute and regulation, to conduct full, fair and impartial hearings in an orderly manner according to due process standards.

All matters currently scheduled before the ABC Board are placed upon a docket which contains the date, time, location and a brief description of the matter being heard. The dockets are uploaded and sorted by date and region that the matter is being heard in. You may review all current dockets by clicking the link above.
Also called "Final Board Orders," represent the final outcomes of Virginia ABC Administrative hearings, available to the public in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. All Orders are categorized in an Excel spreadsheet.

Additional Resources

Register for Licensee Training

The Virginia code provides for a reduction in the length of any suspension and a reduction in the amount of any civil penalty for any retail licensee where the licensee can demonstrate that it provided to its employees alcohol server or seller training certified in advance by Virginia ABC (COV 4.1-227).

Order the Virginia Code Book

This convenient handbook provides all Virginia statutes and regulations related to alcohol and alcoholic beverage control. Order now and get your own copies while supplies last! Download the order form (PDF).

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