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Being Outstanding Leaders Together (BOLT)


Being Outstanding Leaders Together against drugs and alcohol (BOLT) provides drug and alcohol prevention knowledge and skills to middle school students through regional community collaboration and high school peer leadership.

The name “BOLT” is electrifying and incites action. BOLT partners take charge and design their event for area middle school students and their parents to promote leadership through drug and alcohol education and relational and social skill development at an early age. BOLT Partners also help to further develop the leadership skills of high school students through their involvement with middle school students serving as role models and peer leaders.

Through BOLT attendees will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body and brain, impact on academics and legal consequences.
  • Understand the importance of peer leadership and will be able to recognize the abilities of a peer leader.
  • Understand the role that alcohol and drugs play in youth relationships, suicide and interpersonal violence. Participants will understand the key concepts of social providing and peer pressure.

Being Outstanding Leaders Together (BOLT) against Drugs and Alcohol

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