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The Education and Prevention Section continuously seeks opportunities to fulfill our mission of building the capacity of communities to prevent alcohol misuse. With this mission in mind, our Toolkit Series was developed to help support the work of our partners in effectively educating individuals and raising awareness about high-risk drinking within their communities. Each toolkit is free to download with links provided below in each description.


How Much Alcohol am I Drinking?

Did you know that a standard serving of spirits contains the same amount of alcohol as a standard serving of wine and beer? No matter which beverage you choose to consume, it’s the quantity of how much you drink that’s most important. This toolkit can help you estimate how much alcohol you are consuming.

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Alcohol Education Basics Toolkit

Alcohol Education Basics Toolkit

This toolkit provides information for any group, organization or individual to use during trainings, activities and events. It provides facts on the risks and harms associated with alcohol and steps for making safe and healthy decisions.
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How to Promote Your Education and Prevention Project

This toolkit provides resources and information to any group, organization or individual looking to share their project goals and activities with others. Tips on developing a communications plan and utilizing the most efficient strategies and tactics to effectively spread messages and raise awareness are also provided.

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