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Sip Responsibly

Graphic illustration with "Sip Smartly" written and two hands holding cocktails and canned cocktail

Whether it’s knowing what a standard size drink is, understanding alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage on alcoholic beverages, having options for low-alcohol or even alcohol-free cocktails to choose from, Virginia ABC strives to provide the information and resources to keep Virginians safe and healthy. The science of alcohol and how it impacts our bodies, creative and delicious low or non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails and strategies to monitor alcohol consumption can all be found here. 

Chesapeake Cooler Solo

Watch us make the Chesapeake Cooler. This bright and citrusy non-alcoholic cocktail is tart and tangy flavor with a fresh and acidic balance and an earthy touch to the taste using Seedlip Garden 108, Owen's Craft Mixers Grapefruit + Lime, Realime, Navy Hill Club Soda, Master Of Mixes Margarita Salt. 

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