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ABC Central Office

Phone: (804) 213-4400

Street address:
2901 Hermitage Road
Richmond, VA 23220

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 27491
Richmond, Virginia 23261-7491

ABC Regional Offices

Contact your ABC regional office for questions about ABC laws and regulations, licensing and enforcement.

ABC Stores

Contact your local ABC store for questions about ordering and products.


General Feedback Form

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions about our agency, services, products, stores, employees and website.

Store Experience Form

Submit an evaluation of your shopping experience in an ABC store to help us serve you better.

Violation Complaint Form

Report an ABC law violation or object to the granting of an ABC license. You may also call the ABC Crimeline at (800) 552-3200.

Commendation and Complaint Form

Share feedback about your interactions with ABC special agents.


ABC Board

Email: abcboard@abc.virginia.gov

Bureau of Law Enforcement

Phone: (804) 213-4565
Fax: (804) 213-4574
Email: enforcement@abc.virginia.gov
Locate an ABC regional office.


Phone: (800) 552-3200

Education and Prevention Section

Email: education@abc.virginia.gov
Phone: (804) 977-7440
Learn more about Education and Prevention.


Email: jobs@abc.virginia.gov
Phone: (804) 213-4430 or (804) 213-4423
View full contact information.
View current job openings.

Finance and Accounting

Phone: (804) 213-4463

FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Requests

Email: foia@abc.virginia.gov
Phone: (804) 213-4416
Fax: (804) 213-4429
View Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) policy.

Hearings and Appeals

Email: purchasing@abc.virginia.gov
View full contact information.

License Records Management

For questions concerning existing licenses.

Email: lrmhlp@abc.virginia.gov
Phone: (804) 213-4577
Fax: (804) 213-4586

Licensee Search

Email: lrmhlp@abc.virginia.gov
Search for licensees online.

Listing and Delisting Products

Email: marketing@abc.virginia.gov

MBAR (Mixed Beverage Annual Review)

Phone: (804) 213-4576
Email: lrmhlp@abc.virginia.gov

Media Inquiries

Phone: (804) 213-4418
Email: pubrel@abc.virginia.gov
View media room.

Online Ordering

Email: abc-pst@abc.virginia.gov
Phone: (844) 694-9965
View online ordering FAQs.

Price Changes

Email: pricechg@abc.virginia.gov


For questions concerning nonalcoholic purchases made by Virginia ABC.

Email: purchasing@abc.virginia.gov
View full contact information.


Please direct all questions about products to local ABC stores.
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Property Management Services

Phone: (804) 213-4547
Fax: (804) 213-4553

Tax Management Section

Phone: (804) 219-2039
Fax: (804) 213-4563
Email: taxmgmt@abc.virginia.gov


Email: webmaster@abc.virginia.gov