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Virginia ABC Community Health & Engagement provides the public with free publications, which can be ordered using the Publication Order Form. Our publications are also available for download, and links are provided below in publication descriptions. Publications are age-appropriate for all groups.

Elementary Guide 

Elementary School Health and Safety Activity Book

Did you know it’s never too early to help children form healthy attitudes about alcohol? This activity book has fun, age-appropriate activities for elementary school students.

Download (PDF)
Middle School Publication

Middle School Publication

This guide encourages middle school students to be leaders and positive role models for their friends by making healthy choices and knowing the facts about alcohol and drugs.

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High school publication cover

High School Publication

Our guide for high school students provides information on Virginia law, facts about underage drinking and tips on leading by making healthy choices.

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College Publication

College Publication

For most college students, weekend and late night activities serve as a relief to the daily rigors of academic life. This publication focused on Virginia law, blood alcohol concentration (BAC), stress reduction tips, binge drinking, alcohol poisoning and bystander intervention.

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21 and Over Publication cover 

Adults 21 and Older Publication

Whether it’s one drink or many, alcohol can affect people in different ways. Our guide for adults 21 and older debunks common myths about alcohol and provides tips on responsible drinking and party hosting.

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Parents Publication 

Parent Publication

Parents have the greatest influence on their children’s views and behaviors. It’s never too early for you to start talking to your children about alcohol.

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Older Adults Publication 

Older Adult Publication

Many enriching experiences await you in the second half of life. As you age, it’s very important to understand that physical changes, medicine interactions and other factors may cause dangerous interactions and outcomes from alcohol use.

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Publication for ABC Licensees

Responsibility Guide for Licensees

As a licensee, you are responsible for maintaining a safe, regulated business and shoulder many responsibilities which include preventing underage sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages. This publication was designed to support you in understanding the facts of alcohol education and prevention and Virginia ABC’s laws and regulations.

Download (PDF)


Virginia ABC Health Care Professionals Guide Publication Cover 

Health Care Professionals Publication

Only one out of six adults talk to their health care provider about the responsible consumption of alcohol and their drinking behaviors. This publication provides tips on how to effectively screen patients, communicate responsible drinking habits and elicit self-motivation to make healthier choices.

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