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Seller/Server Training Approval Program (STAP)

Virginia ABC has established STAP as an approval process for alcohol server training courses pursuant to COV 4.1-227.E. Applications are accepted annually, September 1 through October 1 by 5 p.m. In order to submit your training program for approval you must complete the following steps:

  1. Review and follow the format of the STAP Criteria (page 3 of the STAP application [PDF]) to make sure that your program will meet the listed criteria.
  3. Submit your application by mail to:
    Virginia ABC
    Education and Prevention Section
    P.O. Box 27491
    Richmond, VA 23261

Your application must include three copies of each of the following:

  • STAP Application (PDF)
  • Printed hard copy of your training program in its presentation format (PowerPoint, Video, Online, etc.)
    • If your training is an online training, log-in and password information must be provided allowing reviewers unlimited access
    • All pages must be numbered
  • Answer key for all quizzes/tests
  • Your participant manual and any other written materials
    • All pages must be numbered
  • Your instructor manual
    • All pages must be numbered

Failure to follow this format or submit three copies of each of the above required documents will result in your program being denied.

During this process you may be asked to submit additional information or electronic files for clarification. Once approved, you must provide an electronic copy of your approved proposal.

It will be your responsibility to keep your program updated with changes to Virginia's codes and regulations, and to maintain all records of training classes conducted. All programs must be resubmitted for approval every three years. This process will ensure that all approved Virginia programs meet all requirements and are current with any changes to Virginia codes and regulations.

Approved providers

In Virginia, establishments can enroll in Virginia ABC training or explore the training offered by the following providers.

The opinions expressed in the programs do not necessarily represent the views of Virginia ABC.

Seller/Server Training Approval Program

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