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Seller/Server Training Approval Program (STAP)

Virginia ABC has established STAP as an approval process for alcohol server training courses pursuant to COV 4.1-227.EApplications are accepted annually, September 1 through October 1 by 5 p.m. In order to submit your training program for approval you must complete the following steps:

1. Review the STAP Requirements and Criteria on page 3 thoroughly and ensure all are met.

2. Submit your application by mail to:

  Virginia ABC
  Community Health & Engagement
  P.O. Box 3250
  Mechanicsville, VA 23116-9998

3. Your application must include three copies of each of the following:

  • Alcohol Seller Server Training STAP Application (PDF)
  • Three hard copies of your entire program: all PowerPoint slides, videos, online modules, etc.
    • A script must be provided for each PowerPoint, video and online training
    • Videos must be submitted on jump drives (if providing in-classroom program
  • Answer key for all quizzes and tests
  • Participant manual (if providing in-classroom program)
  • Instructor manual (if providing in-classroom program)
  • Login and password information must be provided allowing reviewers unlimited access for online programs.
  • Unlimited access includes range of the entire program throughout the approval process, allowing reviewers to move freely throughout all slides, modules, quizzes, etc. without timed modules or slides.
  • All pages must be numbered on all printed documents

During this process you may be asked to submit additional information or electronic files for clarification. Once approved, unlimited access to your program is still required.  

Once Approved

It will be your responsibility to keep your program updated yearly with changes to Virginia's codes and regulations and to maintain all records of training classes conducted. All programs must be re-submitted for approval every three years. This process will ensure that all approved Virginia programs meet all requirements and are current with any changes to Virginia codes and regulations.

To remain an approved STAP member, your organization must submit the below information from July 1–June 30, yearly. The information below is due to Virginia ABC by July 15 at 5pm via email to [email protected]. Failure to submit this information will result in removal as an approved STAP member.

  • The number of completed classroom trainings held in Virginia
  • The number of classroom participants who completed the course in Virginia 
  • The number of online participants who completed the course in Virginia

For additional questions or concerns, please email [email protected]

STAP approval for Alcohol Delivery Personnel Trainings

STAP certification for delivery driver trainings developed by entities other than the Authority. Virginia ABC has established STAP as an approval process for alcohol server training courses pursuant to COV 4.1-227.E. Applications are accepted September 1-October 1

Download Alcohol Delivery Driver Training STAP Application 

Approved providers

In Virginia, establishments can enroll in Virginia ABC training or explore the training offered by the following providers.

The opinions expressed in the programs do not necessarily represent the views of Virginia ABC.

Seller/Server Training Approval Program

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