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Virginia Higher Education Substance Use Advisory Committee (VHESUAC)

University of Virginia School of Business

Every day Virginia’s college students, their families and friends, and the community-at-large face negative consequences related to substance misuse, including academic problems, unintentional injuries, assault, dependency and death. Whether the substance is alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription drugs, the toll of misuse on the intellectual and social lives of students is enormous. Without partnerships and support at the local and state levels, colleges and universities have a limited capacity to address the problem of substance misuse.

Per COV 4.1-103.02., VHESUAC is tasked with:

  • Developing and updating a statewide strategic plan for substance use education, prevention, and intervention at Virginia’s public and private institutions of higher education that includes the use of best practices.
  • Providing for the collection of statewide data from all institutions of higher education on student alcohol and substance use.
  • Assisting institutions of higher education in developing individual strategic plans by providing network and training resources and materials.
  • Developing and maintaining reporting guidelines for use by institutions of higher education in their individual strategic plans.

The Committee is comprised of public and private universities and colleges, student leaders, state agencies and statewide partners in substance misuse prevention whom have indicated that they are ready to collaborate to reduce college substance misuse and advocate for policies and practices that are science-based.

VHESUAC is staffed by Virginia ABC and led by two levels of membership: the Executive Council and Workgroup.

Executive Council

The Executive Council meets biannually and is the governing body responsible for setting overall direction and providing input on Workgroup activities. Members of the Executive Council are college and university presidents, directors of student health and student leaders. These members are committed to reducing college substance misuse and related problems statewide.


The Workgroup meets quarterly and provides support and recommendations to the Executive Council. Members of the Workgroup are community and campus leaders from across the state. These members share pertinent research and programming to inform planning and decision-making during meetings and actively work to prevent college substance misuse and related problems.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

Executive Council and Workgroup members are appointed by the Virginia ABC Board and serve on a voluntary basis. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Executive Council or the Workgroup, please fill out this form.

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