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Limited Availability Products

Throughout the year, Virginia ABC offers special releases of products, including highly sought bourbons, whiskies and other small batch spirits offerings, for purchase in store, online or by lottery. Distribution details about upcoming products are posted on this page as they become available. Customers and licensees can also sign up for the Spirited Virginia e-newsletter and follow Spirited Virginia on Facebook for up-to-date information. View lottery terms and conditions.

Lottery Tips

Virginia ABC sends notification emails to winners and non-winners of product lotteries. Notifications are sent by the date listed next to each product below.
  • If the lottery notification date has passed, and you have not received an email from Spirited Virginia (Virginia ABC), please check your spam email folder as it may have gone there.
  • Whitelisting the email address marketing@abc.virginia.gov with your email service provider prior to the lottery notification date will ensure that you will receive your winner or non-winner notification.
  • If you won the opportunity to purchase but did not receive an email notification, your selected store will still be reaching out to you to notify you of when your bottle has arrived and is ready for purchase.
Revised June 24, 2019.

Current Lottery Distributions

No current distributions.

Past Lottery Distributions

Forager’s Keep Orphan Barrel Single Malt Scotch

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 108 bottles | $399.99

Winners and non-winners will be notified by August 26.

Abraham Bowman Whiskey

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 120 bottles | $69.99
9,643 total entries

Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 20 two-packs | $93.99
8,321 total entries

Winners and non-winners notified by Monday, July 22.

Blade and Bow 22 Year Bourbon

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 18 bottles | $249.99
5,279 total entries

Mister Sam Tribute Whiskey

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 17 bottles | $249.99
4,444 total entries
Winners and non-winners notified by Monday, July 8.

Kentucky Owl Confiscated Batch Bourbon

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 210 bottles | $124.99
10,989 total entries

Rock Hill Farms Bourbon

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 117 bottles | $56.99
10,041 total entries

Booker’s 30th Anniversary Bourbon

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 5 bottles | $199.99
9,400 total entries
Winners and non-winners will be notified by June 24.

Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20 Year Bourbon

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 331 bottles | $169.99
37,339 entries
Winners and non-winners notified by June 3.

O.F.C. Bourbon 1993 Vintage

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 13 bottles | $2,499.99
Winners and non-winners notified by May 6.
5,401 total entries

Double Eagle Very Rare Bourbon

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 5 bottles | $1,999.99
Winners and non-winners notified by May 6.
5,197 total entries

Old Rip Van Winkle 10-Year Bourbon

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 414 bottles | $59.99

Winners notified by February 4.
17,982 total entries

Van Winkle Special Reserve 12-Year Bourbon

LOTTERY IS CLOSED | 1,284 bottles | $69.99

Winners notified by January 28.
20,280 total entries

Limited Availability Whiskies

The products listed below are in very high demand, but available inventories are insufficient to meet this demand. In order to make these products available to as many customers as possible, Virginia ABC is now limiting the purchase of these items to one bottle per customer per visit. These products are available for purchase in-store only. They are not available via online ordering.

Blanton (375 and 750 ml)
Buffalo Trace
Elmer T. Lee
Stagg Jr.
EH Taylor Jr. Single Barrel
EH Taylor Four Grain
Sazerac Rye 6 Year

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