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Limited Availability Products

Throughout the year, Virginia ABC offers special releases of products, including highly sought bourbons, whiskies and other small-batch spirits offerings. These products are distributed for purchase in stores as well as by lottery. Customers and licensees can sign up for the Spirited Virginia e-newsletter and follow Spirited Virginia on Facebook for up-to-date information.

Willett Distillery Product Distribution Event | December 2

On December 2, Virginia ABC will release eight Willett Distillery products for purchase.

To make these highly sought products available to as many customers as possible, store purchases will be restricted to one bottle per customer per day from all the available products offered in any location.

A selection of the following products will be available for sale at your local ABC store on December 2:

*Alcohol by Volume 


These products will be available for in-store purchase only (online ordering will not be available). Inventory will appear on the Virginia ABC website the evening of Friday, December 1. See below for details regarding this event.

  1. Store inventory: Each store will receive products. Product selection will vary by store; each store will receive products on the list but will not be receiving all products.
  2. One bottle per customer: Customers will be limited to purchasing one bottle. Should a store receive more than one product, customers will still be limited to purchasing one bottle.

Future retail distributions of limited availability products will be announced via the Spirited Virginia e-newsletter, Spirited Virginia social media (Facebook, Instagram) and the ABC website.

For In-Store Purchase Only | One Bottle

The following products are in very high demand, and available inventories are insufficient to meet public demand. To provide all customers with the greatest opportunity to purchase these highly sought products, during store hours on any given day of the week, ABC will announce the store locations where these products are available for purchase. The timing and store locations will be random to discourage individuals from lining up outside stores for extended periods or seeking information that gives them an unfair advantage, enabling them to purchase these items ahead of other customers. Additionally, to make these products available to as many customers as possible, Virginia ABC is restricting purchases to one bottle per customer per day from all the limited availability products offered in any location. These products are only available for in-store purchase and are not available for order through ABC’s special order process.

For more information, see the limited availability FAQs.

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