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Licensee Forms

The following table indexes all applications, forms and reports provided for licensee use.

Brand Owner’s Written Authorization to Importer (PDF) Tax report
Carrier's Alternative Mixed Beverage Tax Return (PDF) Tax report
Club Type License Supplement and Club Balance Sheet (805-56) (PDF) License application supplement and form
Common Carrier's Report (PDF) Tax report
Continuation of Operations Permit (805-99) (PDF) Permit application
Designation of Authorized Distribution Form—Attachment B (PDF) Label approval
Direct Shipper's Report—In State (Excel)
Direct Shipper's Report—Out of State (Excel)
Distillery Request for Remote License (online) Tax report
Distributor's Wine Invoice (703-35) (PDF) Tax report
Farm Winery Monthly Report (703-40A) (Excel) Tax report
Farm Winery Request for Remote License (online) Industry form
Importer Designation and Authorization Form—Attachment A (PDF) Label approval
Importer's License Supplement and Designation Forms (PDF) License application supplement and form
Internet Wine Retailer Report (PDF) Form
Label Approval for French Wine Brands (PDF) Label approval
Label Approval for German Wine Brands (PDF) Label approval
Malt Beverage Manufacturer's, Bottler's or Wholesaler's Bond (PDF) Bond application
Malt Beverages Shipped into Virginia by Nonresident Breweries (805-71) (PDF) Tax report
Malt Beverage Wholesaler's Tax Report (805-70) (Excel)
Malt Beverage Wholesaler's Tax Report (805-70) (PDF)
Tax report
Manufacturer-Wholesaler-Sponsorship-Request (online) Form
Mixed Beverage Annual Review (MBAR) Instructions and Inventory Report (PDF)
Use online form.
Product Approval Instructions—Quick Guide for Labels and Franchise (PDF) Label approval
Purchase Alcohol and/or Alcoholic Beverages Permit (PDF) Permit application
Purchase Order (703-34) (PDF) Tax report
Retail Off Premise Summary Report (Excel)
Retail Off Premise Summary Report (PDF)
Tax report
Solicitor Salesman Permit (805-81) (PDF) Permit application
Solicitor Tasting Permit (805-97) (PDF) Permit application
Special Event (One-Day) Banquet License (805-4) (PDF)
Use online form.
License application.
Special Event License, Statement of Income and Expenses (SE-2) (PDF) License application supplement
Special Transportation of Alcoholic Beverages Permit (PDF) Permit application
Special Transportation of Alcohol Permit (PDF) Permit application
Virginia ABC License (805-52) (PDF) License application
Wholesaler Dishonored Check Form (online) Industry form
Wholesaler's Summary of Wine Sales Taxes (703-40) (PDF)
Wholesaler's Summary of Wine Sales Taxes (Excel)
Tax report
Wholesale Wine Distributors' Bond—Corporation (PDF) Bond application
Wholesale Wine Distributors' Bond—Individual or Partnership (PDF) Bond application

ABC Special Agents

Special agents are the primary resource for questions related to operating a business with an ABC license. Contact a special agent via your regional ABC office.


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