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"Do Not Sell" Stickers

Stickers for the 2023 calendar year were mailed to licensees December 2022.

For additional or replacement stickers, please complete the "Do Not Sell" sticker request form. Thank you for working with us and utilizing these free education and prevention tools.

VAL Updates 

We’ve recently completed our first round of onboarding licensees to Virginia ABCs online licensing system called “VAL”. When you setup your account to use VAL you can complete:

  • License transactions – Application, renewal, requests for modifications, surrenders, etc.
  • Financial transactions – All payment of fees and fines
  • Training records –Officially record training such as RSVP and MART
  • Printing license certificates and other documentation
  • Designate individuals who can access your online records

Electronic Notifications

  • When you sign up to transact with Virginia ABC electronically using VAL, you will automatically be opted into electronic notifications for all licensing transactions. We will send you important correspondence about your ABC applications and licenses only via notices on VAL or to the email on file with your VAL account.
  • By signing up you are agreeing to keep us up to date with your current email address.
  • Online payments will be available via a debit or credit card. Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are not available currently, however paper checks will still be accepted.

Keep Informed

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Search for a License

Are you interested in finding out information about a current ABC license? Are you seeking to object to the granting of a prospective ABC license?

Use our public licensee search tool to find information about existing and pending ABC licenses. 

Find out more information about how to submit an objection using our Contested Licenses page.

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Access the MIPS inventory system for vendors and carriers. Download the user manual (PDF).

See the MIPS Help page for more information.


This section of the website is designed to assist licensees in maintaining a safe, regulated business.

ABC grants a range of privileges, or "licenses," to businesses, groups and individuals enabling the manufacture, distribution, selling and serving of alcoholic beverages in the Commonwealth. Holders of these privileges are commonly called “licensees."

The selling and serving of alcoholic beverages is a business that is subject to higher legal and social accountability than almost any other industry. As a licensee, you shoulder many responsibilities, including preventing underage sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Virginia ABC has a strict "zero tolerance" policy for underage consumption and looks to you to aggressively avoid these sales.
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Need Help?

Special agents are the primary resource for questions related to operating a business with an ABC license. Contact a special agent via your regional ABC office. For step-by-step assistance in banquet licensing, see our Licensing Wizard.


Virginia ABC offers free online training to help managers, sellers and servers to become more responsible and better understand ABC laws, rules and regulations. For more information, contact Education and Prevention, (804) 977-7440 or [email protected].

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