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Please visit our COVID-19 Licensee Resources page for updates regarding procedural and regulatory matters for ABC licensed businesses affected by COVID-19.

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Access the MIPS inventory system for vendors and carriers. Download the user manual (PDF).

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Two New Initiatives, One Easy Change 

When the onset of COVID-19 slowed development of ABC’s new online licensing system, we decided to merge the launch of our upcoming web portal service with our introduction of second initiative—a new, streamlined license structure.

The new license structure, recently approved by the General Assembly, will consolidate 152 existing alcohol licenses down to 71, in a set of 12 categories, and reduce complexity and duplicative processes for businesses that manufacture, sell and/or serve alcohol. Read More.

Still nearly a year away, the combined rollout will occur July 1, 2021.

Our online licensing system will enable you to manage ABC transactions when and where it’s convenient for you—at your business, at home, during the day or after you’ve closed for the night. Stay tuned for more information in our Licensee e-newsletter about our new licensing structure and how our innovative licensee portal can streamline your business by interacting with Virginia ABC online to apply for a license, manage and review existing licenses, and pay fines, fees and taxes.


This section of the website is designed to assist licensees in maintaining a safe, regulated business.

ABC grants a range of privileges, or "licenses," to businesses, groups and individuals enabling the manufacture, distribution, selling and serving of alcoholic beverages in the Commonwealth. Holders of these privileges are commonly called “licensees."

The selling and serving of alcoholic beverages is a business that is subject to higher legal and social accountability than almost any other industry. As a licensee, you shoulder many responsibilities, including preventing underage sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Virginia ABC has a strict "zero tolerance" policy for underage consumption and looks to you to aggressively avoid these sales.
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Need Help?

Special agents are the primary resource for questions related to operating a business with an ABC license. Contact a special agent via your regional ABC office.

Bringing Personal Alcohol Into Virginia?

Moving into Virginia from out of the country or from another U.S. state? Returning to Virginia from vacation? Learn more about bringing personal alcohol into the Commonwealth.

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Find retail and banquet licensees by license number and other criteria, online or via download.