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Virginia ABC issues permits for special circumstances and in combination with certain retail and industry licenses. On average, application processing takes up to 60 days.

Note: Each permit currently has its own application, which is available using the following links. 

Most Frequently Used

Authorizes the permit holder to represent an out-of-state wholesaler or manufacturer to sell or solicit the sale of beer and wine in Virginia.
Authorizes the permit holder to conduct tastings on behalf of a manufacturer or wholesaler.
Authorizes the permit holder to release alcoholic beverages not under US custom bonds or internal revenue bonds and stored in Virginia ABC-approved warehouses for delivery to Virginia ABC or to individuals entitled to receive them.
One-time permit, good for 30-days from issuance, that authorizes the permit holder (a religious organization) to purchase wine for a religious congregation and allows wine wholesalers to sell, deliver, and ship wine to religious congregations for sacramental purposes.

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