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Licensee Ordering


Virginia ABC’s online ordering system allows licensees to place orders for distilled spirits and other ABC products around the clock. Supported by the agency’s Management of Inventory and Product Sales (MIPS) system, the online ordering function provides 24/7 access to store-specific real-time inventory and enables licensees to view accurate, up-to-date product codes with present and future discounting.

Benefits of Ordering Online

  • Greater efficiency
  • Less potential for errors
  • Receive email notifications for submitted orders and orders that are ready for pickup.
  • Create order guides for quick and easy reorders of your frequently ordered items.

Out-of-Stock Updates

Distilled spirits have been impacted by widespread disruptions in the supply chain. This has resulted in some products being out of stock in ABC stores. Please view our Licensee FAQs for more information.
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Getting Started

Licensees order online through the MIPS inventory system. In order to use MIPS, you must set up an Account Central account and request MIPS access. Please set up your account a few business days prior to placing an order.

Download the Licensee Online Ordering Guide (PDF).
Download the MIPS User Guide (PDF).
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Base Store

We expect licensees to use their base store to pick up orders. Base stores allow us to provide better service and ensure optimal inventory levels. Orders may be placed up to twice a month at another store that isn’t your base, for emergency purposes.

Interested in changing your base store?
Email licenseeinquiries@virginiaabc.com.


If I don’t see a specific product, can I still obtain the product?

If you don’t see a product available at your store or want to place a special order or request, fill out the Comments section of the order page or contact your base store directly with your request.

I've placed an order but need to make a change.

Your store can make changes to orders that have been submitted. Please contact your store.

Can I use ABC's website to place orders?

No. Since mixed beverage orders are tax exempt and not prepaid, licensee ordering can only be done through MIPS. ABC website orders are only for retail customers, as they are prepaid and include sales tax.

Are licensees able to enter lotteries for limited availability products?

Yes. For information about licensee lottery allotments, see the Limited Availability page. 

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Need Help?

Special agents are the primary resource for questions related to operating a business with an ABC license. Contact a special agent via your regional ABC office.

Licensing Wizard

For step-by-step assistance in determining the license or permit that you need, see our Licensing Wizard.

Ordering Support

For technical issues: Email abc-pst@virginiaabc.com.

For order inquiries or questions: Please contact your base store.