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Online Ordering FAQs

How do I find products that are available for online ordering?

Choose a specific store to view inventory and place orders, by clicking My Store in the page header. You may also use the Store Finder. Almost all products in stores are available for online ordering. Additionally, most products not in a store can be shipped to the store for pickup in 7-14 days. The few exceptions include closeouts and limited availability products.

Can I combine inventory between different stores to make a single order?

No. Your products must come from a single store. Before you begin shopping, please choose a specific store to view inventory and place orders. Changes in store selection may change product availability.

I don’t see an Add to Cart button for my product. Why?

All spirits categories are available for online ordering. If you don't see an Add to Cart button, please first select a store and choose a product size. If the product is still unavailable for ordering, the most likely reason is that inventory is not available in your store, and you must shop a different store.

Only a few groups of products are always unavailable for online ordering. Currently, these include:

  • Prices above $1,000. This is due to the maximum amount per order.
  • Limited availability products with periodic availability.
  • New products that do not yet have inventory in any store. Check back for these products.
  • Closeouts. Shop for these products in stores only.

Is the $10 minimum calculated before or after tax?

The $10 minimum is calculated before tax. 

What is the maximum amount that I can order?

A single online order currently can be for no more than $1,000.

How do I know if you received my order?

When we receive your order, you will see an Order Confirmation screen. Also, we will email an Order Receipt with an order summary and link to an order tracking page. If you do not receive an Order Receipt email within 20–30 minutes, please check your spam folder. If you still have not received it, we can send the Order Receipt email again—simply email our customer support team at [email protected], providing your name and order information.

Note: Please wait at least 2 hours before picking up your order at the store. After purchase, you can also schedule curbside pickup using your order tracking page.

How do I track my order?

On your Order Receipt email, we will provide a tracking number and link to an order tracking page. This page provides status updates and also the ability to schedule curbside pickup and cancel your order.

What do the tracking statuses mean?

On your order tracking page, we will provide status updates for your order. These include:

  • Received—We are still awaiting confirmation from the credit card processor.
  • Being Processed—Your order is being assembled and packaged.
  • Waiting to Schedule—If you wish to schedule curbside pickup, you can still do so.
  • Ready for Pickup—Your order is ready for you to pick up at the selected store. For curbside pickup, please arrive at your scheduled time, park in a designated spot and call the store.
  • Adjusted—We have adjusted your order to reflect availability. In the unexpected event that inventory is no longer available, the store will fulfill as much of your order as possible. You will be notified of this adjustment by email, and the difference between the original and adjusted order will be refunded to you upon pickup.

Is it possible to change an existing order?

No. Once an order is placed, it cannot be changed; however, you can cancel the order on your order tracking page and then place a new order.

How can I schedule curbside pickup?

Once you complete your purchase, a scheduling link is available on your Order Confirmation screen. Scheduling is also available on your order tracking page. A link to this page is provided in your Order Receipt email. Learn more about curbside pickup.

Where do I pick up my order?

Your order will be assembled and become ready for pickup at the Virginia ABC store that you selected. Online orders are not transferable between stores. Products from multiple stores cannot be combined in one order.

Note: Please wait at least 2 hours before picking up your order at the store. After purchase, you can also schedule curbside pickup using your order tracking page.

How soon will my order be ready for pickup?

Products already in stock at your store are generally ready for pickup within 2 hours. Ship to Store products are ready for pickup within 7-14 days. To simplify the pickup experience, considering taking advantage of curbside pickup. We will provide a scheduling link for curbside on the Order Confirmation screen as well as on your order tracking page.

What do I need to bring with me to pick up an online order?

For all orders, you must provide a valid photo ID to pick up your order. For in store pickup, please wait at least 2 hours before arriving at the store, and see a Virginia ABC sales associate to complete your transaction. For curbside pickup, please park in a designated spot at your scheduled time and call the store. 

Can I send someone else to pick up my order?

During checkout you may designate a single alternate pickup person, who may pick up the order for you. They must be 21 years or older and provide a photo ID. This person may not request a refund.

Are discounted and closeout items available for online purchase?

Products that are discounted on a regular monthly basis are available for online purchase, as long as your store has sufficient inventory. Discounts will be applied as part of the checkout process. Closeout items are not available for online purchase.

Which products are available from the warehouse?

Looking for products that are not in your store? Virginia ABC now offers expanded product availability statewide from our central warehouse. Over 2,000 can be ordered online for store pickup in 7-14 days. Shop all Ship to Store products.

How long will you hold my online order before restocking it?

Thirty days. The order will also be automatically canceled.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

Yes. You may cancel your order online via your order tracking page. You will receive a link to this page in your Order Receipt email once your order is placed. You may also contact our customer service team at [email protected] to cancel an order. Orders must be canceled in full, rather than product by product.

When canceling orders on the same day as they are placed, please note that it may take 24 hours to receive email confirmation of the cancellation request.

How long does it take to get my refund?

Refund requests are issued once the entire order has been picked up or delivered. At that point, it may take up to five business days for your refund to be reflected in your credit card account.

Additional questions?

View our FAQs for products in general and for limited availability products.

Waiting for Emails?

First check your spam folder. For further questions, email our customer support team with your name and order information.

Cancelling Orders

Cancel on your order tracking page. We provide a link to this page in the Order Receipt email. You may also email our customer support team.

Finding Products

To view inventory and place an order, you must first select your store. Changing your store may affect the availability of products and delivery options.

Tracking Your Orders

We will email you an Order Receipt that provides a link to your order tracking page. On this page, you can also schedule (or reschedule) curbside pickup and cancel.

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