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Limited Availability FAQs

Why does Virginia ABC distribute limited availability products differently?

In the past few years, Virginia ABC has taken notice of certain products, especially special releases of bourbons and other whiskies, being highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.  We have also been asked by many customers to establish methods of distribution that allowed the maximum number of Virginians an opportunity to purchase very highly sought after products. For a number of these products, the amount of products offered from our suppliers is very limited compared with the anticipated demand for the product. For this reason, Virginia ABC has chosen to distribute this high-demand, low-availability products through in-store purchase only and impose purchase limits.

How does Virginia ABC determine which products are for in-store purchase only?

Virginia ABC makes decisions about the distribution method employed for products on a case-by-case basis. Factors that will be considered in this decision include prior sales history of the product (if it is a product that’s been sold previously), demand for the product, and the number of bottles the manufacturer or supplier provided to Virginia ABC.

Why are the quantities of these products so limited?

For business reasons, spirits manufacturers and suppliers often choose to or are required by their own internal policies, to limit the quantity of each product they distribute in a particular state at a given time. When this occurs, a state does not have control over the number of bottles it receives to sell to customers. Product allocation amounts are determined by spirits manufacturers and suppliers.

How do restaurants get limited availability products?

For bottles denoted as "one bottle per customer per day," licensees may purchase one bottle per licensed establishment per day if inventory is available at the store to satisfy the licensee’s request. 

How can I stay informed about future special product offerings?

There are several ways by which Virginia ABC will notify customers of upcoming limited availability product releases:
•  The product description page for the specific product.
•  Sign up for the Spirited Virginia e-newsletter using the form at the bottom of the home page.
•  Like the Spirited Virginia Facebook page.
•  Follow the Virginia ABC’s Twitter account.

Additional questions?

View our FAQs for products in general.

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