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Online Ordering

Order online and pick up your purchase at the store of your choice! Online ordering is as easy as 1-2-3.

Please note: "Select" products were previously labeled as "No Minimum," or "No Min." Purchase these products online without any minimum order. Pick up Select products at your store within 7–14 days. Select products are premium products that are limited in distribution in Virginia ABC stores. Shop for Select products.

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Select a Store 

View inventory for your store and order online. Use "My Store" in the header.

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Shop Online

Most products are available online, including premium "Select" products.

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Pick Up Order

We will email you when your order is ready for pickup at the store of your choice.

"Select" Products

> No minimum order required.
> Availability independent of store inventory.
> Ready for pickup in 7–14 days

Standard Products

> Entire order must total at least $100.
> Availability based on store inventory.
> Ready for pickup in 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Availability

How do I find products that are available for online ordering?

The first step is to choose a specific store. Click "My Store" in the header of this and other pages on the site. You may also use the Store Finder. Most products that are offered in stores are available for online ordering. Once you have selected a store, then you can browse our online product catalog or search for a specific product.

How do I browse inventory in other stores?

Change your “My Store” in the header of this and other pages on the site. You may also use the Store Finder.

Can I combine inventory between different stores to make a single order?

No, your products must come from a single store. However, note that “Select” products, which are fulfilled through the warehouse, rather than individual stores, can be purchased at any store location.

Is store inventory accurately shown online?

Yes. The inventory shown for stores on our website is updated every few minutes. 

I don’t see an “Add to Cart” button for my product. Why?

This product is not currently available for online purchase. Only a few products fall into this category. They include:

  • “Limited availability” products that are distributed via a lottery. (Note: When limited availability products are distributed via online ordering, the “Add to Cart” button appears only for the duration of the sale and is removed when all bottles have been sold. Read more about limited availability products.)
  • “New” or “Coming Soon” items that do not yet have inventory in the warehouse. When we receive our initial shipment of inventory, the “Add to Cart” button will appear.
  • Products that have very low inventory and are in the process of being removed from our catalog.
  • Additionally, bottles below 375 ml are also excluded from online ordering. Please shop for a larger size of the same products.
Are discounted and closeout items available for online purchase?

Yes, as long as your store has sufficient inventory, you can purchase these items online. Discounts will be applied as part of the checkout process.

Placing Orders

Why do I need a minimum order of $100?

Virginia ABC does not charge extra for online ordering, but we do require a minimum purchase for most products. Online orders are fulfilled out of an individual store’s inventory; the minimum purchase accounts for the time and effort in stores for preparing the order for pickup. The minimum purchase at the present time is $100.

Please note that “Select” products can be purchased at any time, without a minimum order.

Is the $100 minimum calculated before or after tax?

The $100 minimum is calculated before tax. 

What are “Select” products?

These are products that can be purchased online without a minimum order of $100. You can purchase them at any time. They will be delivered to the store of your choice within 7–14 days. Typically, these products are fulfilled through Virginia ABC’s central warehouse, which accounts for the slightly longer delivery time.

Do “Select” products also count toward the $100 minimum total?

Yes. While “Select” products can be ordered at any time, they also count toward the $100 total for ordering other products. In this case, if you proceed to checkout with an order that is less than $100, then only the “Select” products will be available for purchase. The other products will be marked as "Pending."


What types of credit cards do you accept?

Discover, MasterCard and Visa.

Can I use a Virginia ABC gift card online?

No. At this time, Virginia ABC gift cards can only be redeemed in person in ABC stores. Learn more about Virginia ABC gift cards.

How do I know that my transaction is secure?

View our privacy policy for full details on our security measures.

Can I return products and get a refund?

Virginia ABC purchases may be returned at any Virginia ABC store. No refunds will be issued for nonstocked special order items or closeout items. Cash refunds in excess of $500 may be issued by check from the Richmond office. Refunds are subject to a 15 percent restocking fee for returns in excess of $100.00. View our full return policy.

Tracking Your Order

How do I track my order?

Once you place your order, Virginia ABC will confirm the order by email and provide a link to a tracking page specifically for your order. We will also be in touch by email when the order is ready for pickup.

What do the tracking statuses mean?

Received means that the payment for your order has been approved, but Virginia ABC is still routinely awaiting confirmation from the credit card processor before we start preparing it.

Being Processed means that your order has been sent to the store and warehouse to be prepared.

Prepared to Ship means that your "Select" products have been prepared in the warehouse and are waiting to be loaded into a truck.

In Transit means that your "Select" products have left the warehouse en route to the store of your choice.

Ready for Pickup means that your order is ready for you to pick up at the designated store. Virginia ABC will also send an email notification that you can pick up your purchase, with instructions on how to do so.

Adjusted means that we have adjusted your order to reflect availability. In the unexpected event that inventory is no longer available, the store will fulfill as much of your order as possible. You will be notified of this adjustment by email, and the difference between the original and adjusted order will be refunded to you upon pickup.

Picking up Your Order

Where do I pick up my order?

Your order will be ready for pickup at the Virginia ABC store of your choice. You will receive an email when the order is ready for pickup with additional pickup instructions.

How soon will my order be ready for pickup?

Standard products are ready for pickup within 2 days. "Select" products are ready for pickup within 7–14 days. Depending on Virginia ABC’s regular store delivery schedule, these products may be ready sooner than that. 

What do I need to bring with me to pick up an online order?

When you arrive to pick up your order, please see a Virginia ABC sales associate for assistance. In order to complete your transaction, you will need to:

  1. Show “Ready for Pickup” email on a mobile device or as a printed copy.
  2. Show a valid photo ID.
  3. Sign a transaction receipt.
Can I pick up my order using the text notification I received?

No. At the present time, you must provide the “Ready for Pickup” email on a mobile device or as a printed copy for pickup. The text notifcation is provided to let you know when the “Ready for Pickup” email has been sent.

Can I send someone else to pick up my order?

No. Orders must be picked up by the individual who placed them. A photo ID will be required upon pickup.

Why does it take longer to get “Select” products?

"Select" products are usually harder-to-find, premium products and are fulfilled through our warehouse. Since each store receives a delivery from the warehouse every 7–14 days, this is the maximum time that it takes to get a “Select” purchase to the store of your choice.

Standard products, purchased in a minimum order of $100, are fulfilled out of an individual store’s inventory. This means that these products are ready for pickup within two days.

How long will you hold my online order before restocking it?

30 days.  

Online Price Disclaimer

Although this website was designed with utmost care to ensure accuracy and completeness, incorrect product information could result due to typographical errors and technical malfunctions. In the event that a price listed on Virginia ABC’s website is inaccurate or does not match the price for the same product at a Virginia ABC store, Virginia ABC has the right to deny the sale or cancel an order.

All product information, including but not limited to price, description, proof, bottle image and inventory levels, is based on the most recent information available and subject to change at any time without notice. Virginia ABC reserves the right to cancel an order at any point in the process, even after payment is made.

An automatic reply email from Virginia ABC when an online order is placed does not constitute a contract, and Virginia ABC is not bound to sell a product for the price listed on either their website or the auto-generated email. A product’s price in the point of sale system at Virginia ABC stores supersedes the price listed on Virginia ABC’s website. Virginia ABC will verify a price with the customer at the final point of sale, at which time the customer has the right to refuse the purchase.

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