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Flavor Profile

Beth Dixon of Salt & Acid

"Find a Way to Elevate It"

In this episode of Flavor Profile, professional mixologist Beth Dixon describes how to create new and innovative cocktails, provides home mixing advice and explores botanical and floral spring flavors. 

Flavor Profile is a video series from Virginia ABC providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the fascinating world of mixology. Join us as we uncover the flavors, ingredients, techniques, of the industry's most talented mixologists and innovators.

Speaking of Spirits

"Let the spirit shine" is Beth's advice. Here are a few of the products and spirit types highlighted in this flavor profile.

Cocktails in Conversation

Beth collaborates with Virginia ABC on Signature Cocktails and other curated cocktails for each season. Here are a few highlights from her creations, including cocktails mentioned by name in this flavor profile. 

Also in This Video

For the spring flower display shown in the video, we'd like to acknowledge--and give a big word of thanks to The Flower Guy Bron of Brookland Park Flowers & Gifts, a Richmond-based florist specializing in wedding and event flowers.

Beth Dixon has tended bars professionally in many notable and beloved Richmond establishments. Known for her shrubs and high-acid cocktails, she is the sole proprietor of Salt and Acid, where she focuses on cocktail menu consulting, bar staff training, mixology education and private events.

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Flavor Profile
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