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Flavor Profile

Jackie Summers of Sorel Liqueur

"I self-identify through flavor and through spice."

In this episode of Flavor Profile, Sorel Liqueurs creator Jackie Summers, also known as Jack from Brooklyn, speaks on the 500-year journey of the hibiscus-based beverage known as the "red drink". The story of Summers' spiced new twist on his ancestors creation actually began with a very sobering, life-changing event.

Flavor Profile is a video series from Virginia ABC providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the fascinating world of mixology. Join us as we uncover the flavors, ingredients, techniques, of the industry's most talented mixologists and innovators.

The Sorel Flavor Wheel

The Sorel flavor wheel is a great way for Sorel sippers to explore and better understand all the beautiful notes they are smelling and tasting when enjoying Sorel. The bottom line is that we experience hundreds of aromas and flavors in Sorel, more than most any other beverage, and we love having this guide to follow as we enjoy the beverage.

– Dr. Hoby Wedler, Food Scientist

Speaking of Spirits

Caribbean spirits are more than just rum. Here are a few of the products and spirit types highlighted in this flavor profile.

Cocktails in Conversation

From flavor to collaborates. Here are a few of Jack from Brooklyn's favorite cocktails!

Beth Flavor Profile Carousel

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