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Spirited Virginia Coastal Visitors Edition

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Welcome to Virginia! If you’re heading to the beautiful beaches and riverfronts of Virginia’s coast, be sure to pick up the first-ever Spirited Virginia Coastal Edition! This free magazine is available in select Virginia Welcome Centers along I-85 North and I-95 North near the state line, I-95 South near Fredericksburg, I-64 East in New Kent County and US 13 South near the state line, as well as local visitors centers in the Hampton Roads area. The publication includes easy cocktail recipes, recommendations for canned cocktails and information about where you can purchase spirits in Virginia. In addition, there’s also a handy map for exploring coastal distilleries.

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Current Issue: Fields of Floral Spirits

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The April-May-June 2023 issue of Spirited Virginia is in tune with the changing seasons! As spring arrives and floral colors begin dotting yards and fields across the commonwealth, Spirited Virginia focuses on exploring the magic of botanicals in cocktails! These floral fusions are sure to be a crowd-pleaser no matter the occasion! Explore moonshine, a Virginia tradition that is on the rise and leaving its bootlegging history behind. Unsurprisingly, Virginia distilleries have embraced the spirit, so learn all about the different products produced locally! As the weather warms, so do grills around the state as people turn to outdoor entertaining options. Learn about how smoke and barbeque can complement each other with smoke-infused cocktails to perfectly pair with your next rack of ribs or brisket. Looking for a unique product from Virginia ABC? Our (Ware)house Specials feature details what spirits may be available for order (and others you can find online!) and how to go about acquiring your next favorite spirit so that it arrives at your local ABC store right on time.

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Big Spirits for the Big Game!

The January-February-March 2023 issue of Spirited Virginia magazine is all about big spirits for the big game! Salute Diageo, the Official Spirits Sponsor of the NFL, with ideas featuring its products to create a sumptuous buffet of food and cocktail recipes to maximize your enjoyment of Super Bowl LVII! Meet the incredible individuals behind the Black-owned spirits that have become household names across the nation. Learn the story of Nathan “Nearest” Green, the first known African American distiller, and see how innovators in Virginia and beyond have used their skills, talents and knowledge to create award-winning spirits. Also, discover how gin has expanded in offerings at ABC over recent years in Gin-uary! Take a look at the spirit’s current sales trends, explore 20 unconventional gin products and enjoy a list of 27 Virginia-made varieties! Finally, check out our gift guide that perfectly pairs spirits with candy in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Spirited Virginia Q3 2022 

From Fam Back to Glam!

The October-December 2022 issue shines the spotlight on glamming it up for the last day of the year! Explore ways to reignite your enthusiasm for New Year’s Eve and how to safely and responsibly pregame prior to your party of choice! Speaking of a worldwide party, the 2022 World Cup kicks off in November in Qatar. Peruse our guide for the perfect spirit to match with your favorite national team. Embrace the minis! These 50 ml bottles are a perfect testing ground for unfamiliar spirits or just enough for a cocktail or a gift. Read about Mini Mondays and the rest of ABC’s specials throughout the holiday season in our $mart $hopping story. Additionally, check out this holiday edition gift guide, featuring perfect gift ideas for anyone on your list!

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Watermelon! Taste of Season!

The July-September 2022 issue features the perfect summer treat—watermelon! Learn about watermelon-flavored spirits and delectable cocktails inspired by this popular summer fruit. Say aloha to Hawaii and Hawaiian spirits as this issue delves into the history of our 50th state and the roots of the tiki bar. Yard work got you down? Discover the perfect canned cocktail to kick back with after tackling your lawn. Just in time for the Midsummer Classic, read about Virginia ABC’s all-star lineup of products honoring MLB’s All-Star Game.
Spirited Virginia Q2 2022 

Derby Day and the Mint Julep

The April-June 2022 issue features your guide to “the greatest two minutes in sports”—the Kentucky Derby! Check out a short history of the race and how the Mint Julep quickly became synonymous with the first jewel of the Triple Crown. April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes, but they also bring celebrations! Peruse our guide on creating the perfect signature cocktail for your next bridal shower or baby shower, complete with dry options for the mom-to-be! Also discover a feature on the classic South Korean spirit, soju, and the hows and whys of dealing with supply chain problems in ABC Econ 101.
Spirited Virginia Q1 2022 

Mardi Gras: Hosting Your Own Celebration

The January-March 2022 issue is all about celebrating! After you raise a glass to 2022, get your plans together for a Mardi Gras party to remember. Check out tips for creating the carnival-like atmosphere and recipes for 10 cocktails that will make it feel like New Orleans is in your living room! You’ll also find suggestions for the perfect cocktail whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s, Galentine’s or Single’s Day. Additionally, learn all about Virginia’s official shell, the oyster, and how it wonderfully pairs with a unique aquavit made right here in the commonwealth!  
Spirited Virginia magazine 4th quarter 2021 

Cooking with Spirits

Our October-December 2021 issue of Spirited Virginia magazine features 80 pages (16 pages of extra content) filled with insightful articles, recipes and new product descriptions. In a first for the magazine, a specific brand of liquor is featured on the cover. John J. Bowman bourbon was the clear winner of an open-ended poll conducted in June via social media that asked consumers to submit the name of their favorite Virginia-made spirit for inclusion in a time capsule at ABC’s new headquarters. This issue dives into the delightful spirit of liquor-kissed foods, featuring tried and true food recipes from Virginia ABC employees. Learn about the trend of spirits aged in wine barrels, producing new and unique tastes. Don’t want to fully commit to a 750 mL of a spirit you haven’t tried? We have a primer on smaller sizes of spirits—the 375 mL, 200 mL and the ever-popular 50 mL, also known as the airplane bottle. Finally, read about Virginia ABC’s new headquarters and distribution center in Hanover County.
Spirited Virginia Magazine Q3 2021 

50 Fabulous Martinis

The July-September 2021 issue of Spirited Virginia features martinis! See how many varieties of this gin-and-vermouth classic have been concocted and see which you’d like to try. Also, peruse tips for creating a top-notch home bar for your next get-together. Think whiskey is only made in Tennessee? Think again! Discover quality whiskey varieties made right here in the Commonwealth. Finally, enjoy tips and tricks to ensure you’re always prepared for cocktails with friends (whether you knew they were coming or not!)  
SVA Mag Q2 2021 

Kickstart Your Day

The April–June 2021 issue of Spirited Virginia showcases brunch! Peruse our main feature for outstanding food and cocktail recipes for the perfect brunch experience. This issue also shines a spotlight on the 3,500 retail associates who bring daily service excellence to customers in the commonwealth! Also learn about the past 100 years of alcohol consumption trends in the United States and dive in to how peat makes scotch so unique
Spirited Virginia magazine Q1 2021 

Going for the Gold

The January–March 2021 edition of Spirited Virginia magazine features the luck of the Irish! Dive in to a feature about Ireland – its traditions, geography and the hard work done to create some treasured sips. Also check out the final installment of our Sweet, Savory and Sour series—sour winter cocktails! You can also learn about how wood and aging create whiskeys made just for ABC as well as some recommendations for lighter post-holiday drinks.  


The October–December 2020 edition of Spirited Virginia showcases the holiday trend of Friendsgiving and the unique cocktails that have spawned from these new age gatherings! Also inside is a salute to the men and women who have served in the U.S. military (along with some cocktails inspired by each branch), savory fall cocktails and some show-stopping bottles and baubles to elevate your home bar to new heights and learn about Southwest Virginia distilleries.
Spirited Virginia magazine Q3 2020 

Sweet Summer Cocktails

The July-September 2020 edition of Spirited Virginia explores sweet cocktails that express the excitement of summer. Take a look back at the history of alcoholic milkshakes and how spirits are making their way back into these tasty treats, find some hidden treasures with accessible versions of spirits that are as satisfying as their expensive and elusive cousins, learn what makes the best sangrias (hint: simplicity!) and discover what the Tidewater distilleries have to offer.

SV Cover Q2 2020 

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

The April-June 2020 edition of Spirited Virginia introduces readers to the latest craze—canned cocktails! Learn all about what makes these delicious and convenient concoctions so popular. Immerse yourself in the stories behind some of your favorite spirits, learn about the conservation and earth-friendly efforts by distillers in Virginia and around the world, take notes about how to ensure your daughter’s wedding reception goes off without a hitch and check out some Richmond-area distilleries.

Spirited Virginia Q1 2020

Love at First Sip

The January-March 2020 edition of Spirited Virginia explores the joys of spirits that can be enjoyed by itself and simplicity of cocktails with just an ingredient or two. Delve into spirits that prove age does matter, get dressed up and attend the Spirited Virginia Awards where we hand out some awards for worthy spirits and escape the dreary winter weather with some cocktails that will transport you to a nice beach and sunny weather in a tropical escape.
SV Q4 2019 Cover 

Holiday Cheers

It’s beginning to look a lot like cocktails in the October–December 2019 edition of Spirited Virginia as recipes are featured that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit! Check out the gift-giving guide for ideas on finding the perfect present for the spirits lover on your list, learn about rare and expensive scotches and read about tips and tricks for your next holiday gathering.
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Blender Magic

The July-September 2019 issue of Spirited Virginia is about bringing magic to your party—blender magic that is! Read all about great frozen drink ideas for the summer, take a tour of bourbons from across the U.S.A, learn about which special event license you might need for large outings and celebrate 50 years of Virginia is for Lovers!

Orange you Glad It's Spring?

The April–June 2019 issue of Spirited Virginia brings a zest to the spring season with a primer on orange-flavored spirits, discusses the difference between mezcals and tequilas, how to craft the perfect signature cocktail for your special event and goes over the ABCs of party planning so you throw the perfect shindig.


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