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Import Personal Alcohol Interstate

An import personal alcohol interstate permit authorizes the permit holder to transport alcoholic beverages greater than three gallons within, into, or through the Commonwealth of Virginia.


$50 (waived for active duty military)


COV 4.1-212.A.4—Permits required in certain instances

Apply for This Permit

To begin, view the list of permit documents (PDF) required to complete the application. To apply online, click here. To apply via paper application (PDF), click here.

Additional Guidelines

Moving from Abroad

Are you shipping alcoholic beverages with your household goods? Complete the permit application, and Virginia ABC will email you the authorization required by U.S. customs to pick up your household goods. This authorization is required for members of our armed forces and civilians returning to the United States. The fee is waived for members of our armed forces. For more information contact our Tax Management Section at [email protected] or call (804) 219-2039.

Moving from Another U.S. State

You’ll need authorization to bring in more than three gallons of alcoholic beverages, which include wine, beer and distilled spirits. For more information contact our Tax Management Section at [email protected] or call (804) 219-2039.

Returning from Vacation Outside of Virginia

The Code of Virginia prohibits the transportation or importation of more than three gallons of alcohol into the commonwealth per individual per occasion. You do not need any paperwork to bring back three gallons or less.

The information on this page does not in any way replace or supersede what is listed in Title 4.1 of the Code of Virginia or Title 3 of the Administrative Code of Virginia. It is the responsibility of every individual or business applying for a license or permit to review, in detail, the applicable sections of the code.
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