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Virginia ABC issues the following types of permits for special circumstances and in combination with certain retail and industry licenses.

Apply for all of the following ABC permits using the applications provided.

Individuals completing this application must provide an email address in the comments field. The required documentation will be emailed to the applicant within three business days. If you have additional questions call (804) 219-2039 or email taxexaminer@virginiaabc.com.
No cost
Keg Permit (PDF)

If you are a consumer and wish to purchase a keg, click here.
Keg permits allow the off-premises sale of authorized alcoholic beverages in a keg by holders of Beer Off-Premises; Beer On-Premises and Off-Premises; Wine and Beer Off-Premises; and Wine and Beer On-Premises and Off-Premises licenses.
$65 (state license fee)
In-state delivery permits allow qualified in-state licensees to deliver authorized brands of beer, wine and farm wine in closed containers to consumers within the commonwealth for personal consumption. See also the Monthly Reporting letter (PDF).
No cost
Out-of-state delivery permits allow qualified non-Virginia licensees to deliver authorized brands of beer, wine and farm wine in closed containers to consumers within the commonwealth for personal consumption. See also the Monthly Reporting letter (PDF).
$120 (state license fee)
$65 (application fee)
Confers the privileges of any licenses held by the previous owner to the extent determined by Virginia ABC and valid for a period of 120 days or longer, as necessary, pending completion of the processing of the permittee's license application.
No cost
Required for all authorized representatives of out-of-state wine and beer wholesalers; persons having interest in the manufacture, distribution or sale of distilled spirits; persons wishing to solicit distilled spirits to mixed beverage licensees; and third-party companies representing any of the above. Note: The initial permit fee is prorated based on month of approval. See Solicitor Salesman application for prorated amounts.

$165 for wine and beer

$390 for distilled spirits

$555 for wine and beer + distilled spirits

Allows authorized representatives under contract with manufacturers or wholesalers to conduct tastings of wine, beer or spirits at on-premises licensed hotels, restaurants and clubs.
Issued strictly for industrial, commercial, culinary or medicinal use.
No cost
Used for culinary purposes.  
No cost
Used in conjunction with the Special Transportation Permit application for Industrial Alcohol.
$5 or $10*
Industrial alcohol, not for consumption. Used in conjunction with the Permit to Purchase Alcohol.
No cost
Authorizes the release of alcoholic beverages not under United States custom bonds or internal revenue bonds, stored in Virginia ABC–approved warehouses, for delivery to Virginia ABC or to persons entitled to receive them within or outside of the commonwealth.
Walking Tour Permit
The tour company will ensure that:
- Each tour shall include no more than 15 participants per tour guide and no more than three tour guides.
- A tour guide shall be present with the participants throughout the duration of the tour.
- All participants shall be persons to whom alcoholic beverages may be lawfully sold.
For more information, please contact your regional office.
No cost
* Please note that when the Application for a Permit to Purchase Alcohol and/or Alcoholic Beverages is attached to and used to apply for the Special Transportation Permit—Industrial Alcohol (also listed here), there is a $5 or $10 fee based on the quantity of industrial alcohol purchased annually.

Revised June 30, 2020

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