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Banquet licenses allow persons or groups to host events such as wedding receptions, tastings or fundraisers, where alcohol is served in an unlicensed location or club premise. On average, application processing takes 7-10 days. For step-by-step assistance in determining if your event needs an ABC license, see our Licensing Wizard.

For questions and help related to the online licensing system, please contact Virginia ABC at abc-pst@virginiaabc.com or (844) 694-9965.

Most Frequently Used

For individuals (representing themselves or a group/company) for private events where alcohol is provided at no charge to guests. Also known as a “one-day” license.
For nonprofit corporations or associations that are holding a public or private event being conducted for an athletic, charitable, civic, educational, political or religious purpose.
For a manufacturer of distilled spirits for distilled spirits educational events. May be granted up to eight times per calendar year for an event lasting for 1 to 3 consecutive days.
For a business or an individual who is not prohibited from holding an ABC license and wishes to sell or give samples for the purpose of educating the consuming public about the alcoholic beverages being tasted.

All Banquet Licenses

To learn more about specific banquet licenses, please use the following links. For step-by-step assistance in determining the license or permit that you need, see our Licensing Wizard.

Banquet Mixed Beverage Special Event
Banquet Special Event
Banquet Tasting
Manufacturer's Beer and Wine Event
Manufacturer's Distilled Spirits Event
Mixed Beverage Club Event
Mixed Beverage Special Event
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Licensing Wizard

For step-by-step assistance in determining the license or permit that you need, see our Licensing Wizard.


Need Help?

Explore our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs). For additional licensing assistance, please contact your regional ABC office or email enforcement@virginiaabc.com.

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