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Do Not Sell Stickers

Do Not Sell Stickers 2020

"Do Not Sell" stickers help your business combat sales to underage persons. These easy-to-read tools assist ID checking for alcohol and nicotine product sales.

It is extremely important that these stickers be placed where both the seller and buyer can see them, such as on a register or a countertop where purchases are made. The stickers are coated with a smear-resistant varnish in order to prevent fading and damage from cleaning solution spray.

Nicotine product law change effective July 1, 2019:

No sales of nicotine products will be permitted to persons under the age of 21. Retailers should remove any signage related to nicotine product usage at 18 years old.

Stickers for the 2020 calendar year were mailed to licensees December 2019. Please provide the business name and mailing address, as well as indicate the number of sheets needed. Stickers will be mailed at no charge to the licensee.

Sticker Examples

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