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Supplier Scorecards

Virginia ABC Distribution Center

The supplier scorecard is a tool designed by Virginia ABC's Logistics Division to measure suppliers' performance and effectiveness. All scorecards from the fiscal year will be available here. The scorecard calendar “resets” at the start of each fiscal year.

If you have questions about Virginia ABC's supplier or carrier scorecards, please contact ABC's Logistics Division at (804) 213-4657 or (804) 213-4525.

Supplier Scorecards

Our goal is for all suppliers to maintain a Supplier Scorecard Overall Score of 95.00 or greater. Maintaining a score of 95.00 or greater will result in having all category 2 fees waived. Scores are taken into account when making listings and promotional decisions.

The scorecard is based on the Delivery Violations from the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1 through the current month. Suppliers will not be subject to category 2 fees until the number of deliveries meets 20 per fiscal year. These fees will be assessed monthly and deducted from merchandise payments by Virginia ABC.

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