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Manufacturer's Coupons

Following are guidelines for manufacturers offering distilled spirits, wine and beer coupons.

Distilled Spirits and Wine Coupons at Virginia ABC Stores

Manufacturers offering refund coupons on spirits and wine sold in Virginia ABC stores shall notify Virginia ABC at least 15 days in advance of issuance of the coupons and their amount, expiration date and the area of the Commonwealth in which they will be primarily used, if not used statewide. For questions on coupons in Virginia ABC stores, please call (804) 213‐4701 or send an email to robyn.tipton@virginiaabc.com.

Wholesale licensees are not permitted to offer coupons.

Wine and Beer Coupons

Preapproval for wine and beer coupons is not required; however, if you have questions, please call (804) 213‐4632 or send an email to denise.hires@virginiaabc.com.

Mail‐in Coupons

  • Manufacturers of beer and wine may only offer refund coupons by mail.  Virginia tied‐house laws prohibit the payment, either directly or indirectly, by a manufacturer or importer of alcoholic beverages to a retail licensee. Therefore, an alcoholic beverage manufacturer and/or importer cannot offer instant redemption coupons in Virginia.
  • The coupon must not exceed 50 percent of the normal retail price for the alcoholic beverages.“Normal retail price” shall mean the average retail price of the brand and size of the product in a given market, and not a reduced or discounted price.
  • The coupon may not be honored at a retail outlet, but shall be mailed directly by the customer to the manufacturer or its designated agent.  Such agent may not be a wholesaler or retailer of alcoholic beverages.
  • Coupons are permitted in the print media, the internet, by direct mail or by electronic mail to consumers.
  • Beer and wine wholesalers may provide coupon pads to retailers for use by retailers on their premises, if done for all retail licensees equally and after obtaining consent, which may be a continuing consent, of each retailer or his representative.
  • Wholesale licensees may attach refund coupons to the package if done for all retail licensees equally and after obtaining consent, which may be a continuing consent, of each retailer or his representative.
  • Retailers may not be paid a fee to display or use coupons.
  • No coupons may be customized for a particular retailer.
  • Persons less than 21 years of age may not redeem coupons.
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