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International Daisy Flight

International Daisy Flight
Embark on an exhilarating first-class "flight" to global flavors for your taste buds with our International Daisy Flight, a collective tapestry of four meticulously crafted cocktails that embody the essence of different cultures. 


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While displaying a variety of flavors spanning the globe, these cocktails all use grape-based spirits.


This flight has four stops! To view each individual recipe, follow the links below. 

Margherita al Limone (Italy)
Begin your epicurean adventure in Italy, where this zesty lemon infusion captures the sun-kissed allure of the Mediterranean.

Yacón Naranja (Peru)
Board a connection in Peru, where this exotic fusion of flavors pays homage to the vibrant and tantalizing essence of South America.

Marguerite Mûre (France)
Indulge in this refined libation that pays tribute to the sophistication and elegance of French culture.

Margarita Sandía (Bolivia)
Finally, complete your journey with this enchanting cocktail inspired by the mesmerizing landscapes of Bolivia.