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Bourbon Month 2020

A Celebration of Bourbon!

In 2007, the U.S. Senate declared bourbon “America’s native spirit” and the month of September as National Bourbon Heritage Month. This uniquely American spirit was first distilled in the colonies, combining European distilling methods with the corn that was prevalent and grew well in the new world. Distillers and consumers quickly found that the barreling portion of the process was just as important as the distilling portion, developing interesting flavor notes in the aged spirit. Today, a spirit may be called bourbon if it is produced in the United States from at least 51% corn and aged in new, charred oak containers with specifications surrounding proof at each step of the process. Explore our selection of nearly 350 varieties of bourbon and find out how you can save on some of your favorites!
Spirited Bourbon Month 2020

Spirited Bourbon Day | September 24th

Save on five select spirits, in-store only, on Thursday, September 24 only! Choose from Basil Hayden’s, Blade and Bow, Elijah Craig Small Batch, Jefferson’s Reserve and Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bourbons in the 750ml size to save 20% during this special promotion.


Limit three bottles per customer.

Fig Bourbon Cocktail

Bourbon Cocktails

While it is enjoyable neat or on the rocks, bourbon is also delicious in cocktails! Explore more than 30 bourbon-based cocktail recipes, like the sweet and citrusy Bourbon Punch or the cool and refreshing Whiskey Smash. Celebrate the flavors of fall with the apple cider based Stone Fence or the savory and spicy pumpkin flavors in the Spiced Pumpkin Punch. Try Virginia-Mixed bourbon cocktails like the Boulevard of Broken Figs from The Whiskey Jar in Charlottesville.

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