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Orange You Glad
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Orange You Glad It's Spring?

The crisp, citrusy flavor of orange spirits brings sweetness and depth to your favorite cocktails. Celebrate spring by picking up some delicious, orange-flavored spirits from your local Virginia ABC store and mixing up some new cocktails that celebrate all things orangeand all things spring!
Absolut Mandrin

Absolut Mandrin

Absolut Mandrin Vodka contains a smooth and mellow blend of orange and citrus with no added sugar. It is complex and smooth, with a fruity character mixed with a note of orange zest.
Deep Eddy Orange

Deep Eddy Orange Vodka

A blend of real orange juice and gluten-free vodka, Deep Eddy Orange Vodka is proudly made in Austin, Texas. Deep Eddy Orange Vodka is great just poured over ice with a splash of soda.
Effen Orange Vodka

Effen Blood Orange Vodka

Effen Blood Orange Vodka is a crisp and smooth vodka with a bright, blood-orange flavor. Effen Blood Orange Vodka is smooth enough to sip on its own and adds a sweet, citrus zest to your favorite mixers.
Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier

Distilled in the Cognac region of France, Grand Marnier offers a unique blend of cognac and bitter orange. First created in 1880, a bottle was even found in the wreckage of the Titanic.


From the Loire region of France, Cointreau triple sec combines bitter and sweet oranges to produce a unique flavor that’s perfect in classic cocktails such as the Margarita or Sidecar. Or drink it over ice!
Orange Cocktails Generic

More Orange Delights...

Ready to fling into spring with orange-flavored spirits?  Our product catalog features many more orange delights, from blue curacao and orange-infused tequila to orange-vanilla cream liqueur.
Virginia Orange Spirits

Orange Spirits from Virginia

Bring a little of the "Sunshine State" to the Commonwealth with these unique Virginia-made spirits.

Belle Isle Blood Orange Moonshine. Made in Richmond, this moonshine packs a bold and bright punch of citrus that’s perfect for adding a rich, savory taste to any cocktail.

Vitae Spirits Orange Liqueur. Made with hardy oranges collected from trees around Charlottesville—as well as sweet oranges and a touch of spices for balance and complexity—this orange liqueur is like a burst of sunshine.

Murlarkey Orange Whiskey. From Prince William County, this orange-infused whiskey is made by by pouring the award-winning Justice White Whiskey over premium, all-natural orange zest and sticks of the finest vanilla.

Tidewater Orange Rum. This flavored rum is molasses-based and produced in small batches in Norfolk. Try it in your favorite rum cocktail or enjoy sipping it straight.

Orange-Flavored Spirits and Cocktails

Orange is the color for the April–May 2019 issue of Spirited Virginia magazine. It features a primer on orange-flavored spirits and cocktails, an in-depth look at mezcals, a party planning guide for all your spring and summer occasions, and more!

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