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Industrial Permits

The use of industrial-strength alcohol in the Commonwealth of Virginia requires a permit. Reasons an entity would apply for an industrial permit are as follows:

  1. Industrial purposes
  2. Scientific research
  3. Manufacturing articles permitted under COV 4.1-200 provisions
  4. Hospital or home for the aged (alcohol only)

Refer to 3 VAC 5-70-60 for a complete list of instructions and restrictions.

Approved Industrial Permits

744 Afton Scientific, LLC [email protected]
715 AG Essence Inc [email protected]
646 AI Biotech [email protected]
645 Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC (PDF) [email protected]
658 Altria Client Services Inc (PDF) [email protected]
736 Altria Client Services Inc—Research and Technology (PDF) [email protected]
657 Altria Compounds LLC "ACL" (PDF) [email protected]
650 American Type Culture Collection [email protected]
845 Ampac Fine Chemicals VA LLC [email protected]
692 Anton Paar USA Inc (PDF) [email protected]
668 Applewood Acres Inc [email protected]
733 Ariake USA Inc [email protected]
597 Ashland Specialty Ingredients [email protected]
718 Atlantic Manufacturing Group LLC (PDF) [email protected]
792 Bae Systems Ordnance Systems Inc (PDF) [email protected]
684 Barr Laboratories Inc (PDF) [email protected]
669 Barr Laboratories Inc (PDF) [email protected]
587 Biological Monitoring Inc [email protected]
763 Bode Cellmark Forensics Inc (PDF) [email protected]
562 Boehringer Ingelheim Chemicals Inc [email protected]
29 Bon Secours Depaul Medical Center (PDF) [email protected]
717 Brenntag Mid-South (PDF) [email protected]
596 Campofrio Food Group—America Inc (PDF) [email protected]
753 Capital Industrial Supply Ltd n/a
621 Capitol Research Equipment Inc [email protected]
546 Catalytic Generators LLC (PDF) [email protected]
693 Cei-Roanoke LLC [email protected]
281 Celanese Acetate (PDF) [email protected]
695 Chem-Solv Inc (PDF) [email protected]; [email protected]
729 Chesapeake Bay Distillery LLC (PDF) [email protected]
478 Christopher Newport University [email protected]
726 Collaborative Testing Services (PDF) [email protected]
776 Colonial Scientific Inc [email protected]
563 Commonwealth of Virginia Dept of Forensic Science [email protected]
804 Danchem Technologies Inc (PDF) [email protected]
82 Danville Regional Medical Center [email protected]
721 Daystar Cheesecake LLC [email protected]
818 DEA Special Testing and Research Laboratory [email protected]
742 Defense Supply Center Richmond [email protected]
835 Dept of Conservation and Recreation [email protected]; [email protected]
647 Dept of Forensic Science—Criminal Justice [email protected]
584 Dept of Veterans Affairs (PDF) [email protected]
674 Dept of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (PDF) [email protected]
307 Dept of Agriculture/Animal & Food Industry Serv [email protected]
523 DGS/Division of Consolidated Lab (PDF) [email protected]
842 Diep Nguyen [email protected]
814 DLA Troop Support/Defense Logistic Agency [email protected]
826 Donna M. Larpe [email protected]
807 Ducard Vineyards Inc [email protected]
14 E I Dupont De Nemours and Company [email protected]
253 Eastern Mennonite University (PDF) [email protected]
529 Eastern Virginia Medical School (PDF) [email protected]
805 Ellumen Inc (PDF) [email protected]
724 Emory and Henry College [email protected]
825 Essentra Porous Technologies Corp [email protected]
822 Essentra Porous Technologies Corp [email protected]
834 Eugene R Downing n/a
746 Evonik Corp (PDF) [email protected]
747 Evonik Corp (PDF) [email protected]
552 Experimental Pathology Laboratories Inc (PDF) [email protected]
839 Falls Church Distillers LLC [email protected]
390 Fareva Richmond Inc (PDF) [email protected]
760 Fisher Diagnostics [email protected]
798 Fleet Laboratories [email protected]
780 Gencia Corporation (PDF) [email protected]
687 Genetics & IVF Institute (PDF) [email protected];[email protected]
688 George Mason Univ [email protected]
749 George Mason Univ—Environmental Science and Policy [email protected]
843 George Mason Univ Environmental Science and Policy [email protected]
751 George Mason Univ—Life Sciences [email protected]
779 George Mason Univ—Physics & Astronomy [email protected]
816 George Mason Univ—Proteomics and Molecular Medicine [email protected]
741 George Mason Univ—Biology (PDF) [email protected]
740 Granules Pharmaceuticals Inc [email protected]
767 Green Plains Hopewell LLC [email protected]
335 Hampden-Sydney College [email protected]
99 Hampton Univ School of Science Chemistry [email protected]
654 Hawknad Manufacturing Industries Inc [email protected]
731 Histo-Scientific Research Labs [email protected]
84 Hollins University [email protected]
574 Hollister Inc [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
784 Home I.V. Care and Nutritional Service [email protected]
416 Honeywell Resins & Chemicals Hopewell Plant (PDF) [email protected]
613 Howmet Castings and Services Inc [email protected]
795 IBA Molecular NA Inc [email protected]
790 Industrial Chemicals Inc [email protected]; [email protected]
490 Inova Fair Oaks Hospital [email protected]
791 Institute for Advanced Learning and Research [email protected]
676 James Madison Univ—Biology Dept [email protected]
172 James Madison Univ—Chemistry Dept [email protected]
739 Jefferson Science Associates LLC (JSA) [email protected]
737 KMX Chemical Inc [email protected]; [email protected]
582 Liberty Univ—Biology and Chemistry Depts [email protected]
811 Liberty Univ—School of Medicine [email protected]
604 Logan Food Co Inc [email protected]
154 Lynchburg College [email protected]
794 M Price Distributing Co [email protected]
140 Martha Jefferson Hospital [email protected]
323 Maryview Med Ctr [email protected]
823 Mavalerio USA [email protected]
49 Med College of Virginia Hospital Pharmacy [email protected]
287 Merck Sharp and Dohme Corp [email protected]
698 MGC Advanced Polymers [email protected]
754 Modern Machine and Tool Co Inc [email protected]
813 Mt Defiance Cidery and Distillery [email protected]
738 NASA Langley Research Ctr Facility 1206 [email protected]
722 NASA Wallops Flight Facility/Trax Int [email protected]
298 National Fruit Product Co. Inc [email protected]
690 Naval Med Ctr [email protected]
765 Norfolk Naval Shipyard [email protected]
773 Old Dominion Eye Foundation Inc [email protected]; [email protected]
393 Old Dominion Univ [email protected]
786 Olli Salumeria [email protected]
819 Orbital Sciences Corp [email protected]
663 Pfizer Consumer Healthcare [email protected]
659 Philip Morris USA Inc [email protected]
727 Philip Morris USA Inc [email protected]
704 Philip Morris USA Inc [email protected]
678 Philip Morris USA Inc [email protected]
62 Philip Morris USA Inc [email protected]
787 Piedmont Virginia Community College [email protected]
743 Potomac Cellars LLC [email protected]
817 PPD Development LLC [email protected]
762 Precision Nuclear of Virginia LLC [email protected]
750 Prime Choice Foods Inc [email protected]
781 PRW Laboratories [email protected]
808 Q-Rapha Food LLC [email protected]
533 Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute [email protected]
802 Radford Univ—Procurement & Contracts [email protected]
801 Radnor Adams & Associates Inc [email protected]
76 Randolph Macon College—Biology Dept [email protected]
748 Randolph College [email protected]
755 Randolph Macon College—Chemistry Dept [email protected]
799 Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Ctr of VA PLC [email protected]
756 Reynolds Packaging LLC [email protected]
155 Riverside Regional Med Ctr [email protected]
234 Roanoke College [email protected]
774 Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC [email protected]
827 Salveo Diagnostics [email protected]
603 San J International Corp [email protected]
788 Sentara Louise Obici Hospital [email protected]
150 Sentara Norfolk General Hospital [email protected]
534 Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital [email protected]
700 Sentara Williamsburg Regional Med Ctr [email protected]
809 Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute [email protected]
425 Solenis LLC [email protected]
821 Stihl [email protected]
838 Striving For Health [email protected]
820 Subherban Roots LLC [email protected]
831 Sun Chemical Corp [email protected]
833 Sun Chemical Corp [email protected]
419 Sutliff Tobacco Company LLC [email protected]
267 Sweet Briar Institute [email protected]
824 Sydney Hale LLC [email protected]
829 Target Flavors Inc [email protected]
7 The C F Sauer Company [email protected]
74 The College of William & Mary [email protected]
732 The Mariners' Museum [email protected]
509 The Univ of Virginia's College at Wise [email protected];[email protected]
828 Tres Rubios [email protected]
572 Tri Tech Laboratories Inc [email protected]
671 Univar USA Inc [email protected]
458 Univ of Mary Washington [email protected]
180 Univ of Richmond [email protected]
52 Univ of Virginia Health Center [email protected]
702 US Smokeless Tobacco Products LLC [email protected]
793 UVA Immunology Department [email protected]
815 VA Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries [email protected]
752 VCU Chemical and Life Science Engineering [email protected]
844 VCU Health - Dept Of Pathology and Cytogenetics Lab [email protected]
770 VCU Health System Pharmacy Services [email protected]
734 VCU Med Ctr— Internal Medicine Infectious Disease [email protected]
707 VCU Med Ctr—OB/GYN [email protected]
706 VCU Med Ctr—Pharmacology & Toxicology [email protected]
728 VCU Med Ctr— Medicinal Chemistry [email protected]
709 VCU Med CtrMicrobiology & Immunology [email protected]; [email protected]
806 VCU Med CtrMolecular Diagnostics [email protected]
716 VCU Med CtrNeurology [email protected]
711 VCU Med CtrResearch Pathology [email protected]
720 VCU Med CtrTransplant & Dialysis [email protected]
730 VCU Med CtrTransplant Surgery [email protected]
735 VCU Radiation Oncology [email protected]
777 VCU School of Dentistry—The Philips Institute [email protected]
548 Virginia Commonwealth Univ—Dept of Biology [email protected]
475 Virginia Commonwealth Univ—Chemistry Dept [email protected]
441 Virginia Institute of Marine Science [email protected]
810 Virginia Lab Supply [email protected]
143 Virginia Military Institute [email protected]
757 Virginia State Univ—Agricultural Research [email protected]; [email protected]
656 VPI & State Univ—Chemistry Dept [email protected];[email protected]
48 VPI & State University College of Veterinary Medicine [email protected]
745 Wako Chemicals USA Inc [email protected]
166 Washington and Lee Univ [email protected];[email protected]
45 Winchester Med Ctr [email protected]
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