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WebTax ACH Payments

Terms and Conditions

This policy applies to Virginia ABC WebTax. Overpayments are applied to the following month's tax liability. If an anomaly occurs and you believe you are due a refund for a malt beverage tax, please contact the Tax Examiner office at 804-219-2039 or [email protected]. You will be required to:

  • Provide proof that a refund is due
  • Provide the licensee's license number

If Virginia ABC determines that you are indeed due a refund, a refund will be issued to you by check. Please ensure that your correct address is on file, and allow at least 30 days before contacting Virginia ABC.

When all payment information is submitted correctly, initially the payment will show as being successful. The successful transaction status may change if there are bank returns. The Webtax ACH system may take 35 days to receive bank return information and post to your account. Insufficient funds will result in suspension of the Licensee's ability to use the Webtax ACH system for at least one year, based on manual review.