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Scheduled Dockets

Listed below are the scheduled dockets for ABC hearings, available as downloadable PDFs. Initial hearings are before a hearing officer and appeal hearings are before the full Virginia ABC Board

Note: Docket downloads contain the names of the licensees or applicants and a brief description of the charges or objections to be heard, as well as the dates, times and places of the hearings. Dates and times of prescheduled dockets may change at any time. Cases may be continued, rescheduled or dismissed before the hearing. Direct questions regarding specific hearing dates or times to the Hearings, Appeals and Judicial Services Division at (804) 213-4444.

April 2023

Formal Hearings

Richmond: April 4 (PDF)
Chesapeake: April 10 (PDF)
Richmond: April 13 (PDF)
Richmond: April 18 (PDF)
Abingdon: April 19 (PDF)
Richmond: April 20 (PDF)
Richmond: April 24 (PDF)
Roanoke: April 26 (PDF)
Chesapeake: April 26 (PDF)
Roanoke: April 27 (PDF)
Fredericksburg: April 28 (PDF)


Virtual: April 3 (PDF)
Virtual: April 6 (PDF)
Virtual: April 11 (PDF)
Virtual: April 12 (PDF)
Virtual: April 14 (PDF)
Virtual: April 19 (PDF)
Virtual: April 19 (PDF)
Virtual: April 20 (PDF)
Virtual: April 21 (PDF)

March 2023

Formal Hearings

Chesapeake: March 7 (PDF)
Staunton: March 9 (PDF)
Richmond: March 10 (PDF)
Roanoke: March 10 (PDF)
Fredericksburg: March 16 (PDF)
Richmond: March 20 (PDF)
Richmond: March 22 (PDF)
Hampton: March 23 (PDF)
Charlottesville: March 24 (PDF)
Richmond: March 28 (PDF)
Hampton: March 29 (PDF)
Hampton: March 31 (PDF)


Virtual: March 1 (PDF)
Virtual: March 3 (PDF)
Virtual: March 8 (PDF)
Virtual: March 15 (PDF)
Virtual: March 17 (PDF)
Virtual: March 21 (PDF)
Virtual: March 22 (PDF)
Virtual: March 23 (PDF)
Virtual: March 29 (PDF)

February 2023

Formal Hearings

Alexandria: February 3 (PDF)
Alexandria: February 7 (PDF)
Alexandria: February 10 (PDF)
Virtual: February 14 (PDF)
Chesapeake: February 21 (PDF)
Chesapeake: February 22 (PDF)
Alexandria: February 24 (PDF)
Richmond: February 28 (PDF)


Virtual: February 15 (PDF)
Virtual: February 17 (PDF)
Virtual: February 24 (PDF)
Virtual: February 28 (PDF)

Board Appeal Hearings

Mechanicsville: February 2 (PDF)

January 2023

Formal Hearings

Mechanicsville: January 10 (PDF)
Chesapeake: January 12 (PDF)
Charlottesville: January 13 (PDF)
Hampton: January 13 (PDF)
Mechanicsville: January 17 (PDF)
Staunton: January 18 (PDF)
Mechanicsville: January 20 (PDF)
Alexandria: January 26 (PDF)
Roanoke: January 26 (PDF)


Virtual: January 3 (PDF)
Virtual: January 5 (PDF)
Virtual: January 6 (PDF)
Virtual: January 10 (PDF)
Virtual: January 11 (PDF)
Virtual: January 13 (PDF)
Virtual: January 19 (PDF)
Virtual: January 31 (PDF)

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Initial hearings are usually held at one of Virginia ABC's regional offices, as specified in the docket. Addresses for hearing locations other than ABC offices are provided at the top of the docket.

Appeal hearings are held at ABC Headquarters, located at 7450 Freight Way, Mechanicsville, VA 23116.

Training Approval Program

Learn how to submit your training program for approval. If your business conducts its own alcohol server training course, you can have it approved by Virginia ABC, pursuant to COV 4.1-227(E). Once approved, it will be your responsibility to keep your program updated with changes to Virginia's codes and regulations, and to maintain all records of training classes conducted.