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Final Decisions

The following downloads provide a summary listing of final decisions issued from July 2007 to date, showing the penalties levied or actions taken by Virginia ABC pursuant to administrative hearings held with licensees regarding violations of ABC laws, rules or regulations OR when the issuance of an ABC license or privilege is contested by an interested party.

These listings constitute only final outcomes of ABC administrative hearings, available to the public in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA); the listings do not contain case information for matters on appeal to the Virginia ABC Board or other appeals courts. For convenience, they are sorted by zip code. Where penalties are listed, a license is suspended or the licensee has the option to pay a civil penalty unless a mandatory suspension is required, as shown in the spreadsheet, which would be in addition to the civil penalty.

Also available to the public via this website are dockets of scheduled ABC administrative hearings with summaries of the pending charges or license objections to be heard.

Downloads are updated at the end of each fiscal year. These listings are intended for informational use only and do not constitute the full contents of the official records of Virginia ABC. Every effort is made to provide accurate and current information. However, due to updating cycles and resources, some inaccurate information may be found on this website. 

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