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Virginia ABC Named ‘Law Enforcement Agency of the Year’  

Virginia ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement was recently named the Liquor Law Enforcement “Agency of Year” by the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association (NLLEA), a title earned by dedicated enforcement work in several areas. A community policing initiative, an online training program for those who sell and serve alcohol and effective new measures to stop violent, escalating crimes at licensed restaurants are a sample of the initiatives that earned this national recognition.

Virginia ABC Enforcement Builds Community Policing

ABC Enforcement Builds Community Policing

Thanks to Virginia ABC’s community policing training program, law enforcement agencies around the state are better equipped to respond to the most pressing alcohol-related problems in their jurisdictions. The Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement is continuing the training program as part of its commitment to collaborating with local police and licensees to proactively reduce incidents involving alcohol.
Virginia ABC staff cut the ribbon on a new enforcement regional office in the Staunton area.

Staunton Relocates Regional Office

Virginia ABC recently celebrated the relocation of its Staunton regional office. That office serves more than 1,300 licensees in ten counties and six cities in the Shenandoah Valley and Virginia Highlands. To inquire about applications, renewals or other enforcement issues, contact your regional office.
Restaurant and Spanish-language ABC materials

Leyes de Alcohol en Virginia

Because laws and cultural traditions surrounding alcohol differ throughout the world, Virginia ABC translated important alcohol-related laws into Spanish to better serve its Hispanic citizens and businesses. Read more.

Moving into Virginia?

Are you relocating to the commonwealth? Will you be importing wine, beer or spirits as part of your items? The Code of Virginia states that if you bring more than a gallon of alcoholic beverages into Virginia with your household goods, you need to complete a form. Read more.

Regional Offices

Virginia ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement has nine regional offices and one satellite office that serve as points of contact for citizens and licensees. Find contact information for your local office.

Questions related to hearings and appeals should be directed to the Hearings, Appeals and Judicial Services Division.

ABC Violations

Please see Final Decisions and Scheduled Dockets  for list of statutory and regulatory violations that have been adjudicated or are pending.