ABC Enforcement training recertification

Bureau of Law Enforcement Training Academy Recertified

In March 2021, the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) recertified the Virginia ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement Training Academy, reaffirming its status as an authorized in-service academy. The recertification is required every three years and involves a thorough examination of the academy’s administration, personnel, instruction and facility standards and policies, to ensure compliance with DCJS standards. The training academy is authorized to provide all required in-service training to its entire sworn cadre. This includes at least 34 hours of career development training, two hours of cultural diversity training and four hours of legal training, 40 hours total, every two years. Career development training also encompasses firearms training and other skill-based training such as defensive driving and defensive tactics.
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Virginia ABC special agents are an integral part of maintaining a safe, orderly and regulated system for responsible consumption of alcohol. Special agents are vested with statewide police authority to enforce the criminal laws of the commonwealth. 

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wine bottle shipment
Are you planning to move alcoholic beverages with your household goods into Virginia? The Code of Virginia (COV 4.1-311) prohibits the transportation or importation of more than one gallon of alcohol into the state per individual per occasion. For three gallons or less, you do not need any paperwork. Read more about importing personal alcohol.
A docket is the official schedule of hearings pending before the ABC Board. View the current dockets for initial hearings and franchise/appeals hearings.
Also called "final board orders," these represent the final outcomes of hearings before the ABC Board, inclusive of all penalties and actions taken. 

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Regional Offices

The Bureau of Law Enforcement has nine regional offices and one satellite office that serve as points of contact for citizens and licensees.

Hearings and Appeals

Questions related to hearings and appeals should be directed to the Hearings, Appeals and Judicial Services Division.

ABC Violations

Please see Final Decisions and Scheduled Dockets for list of statutory and regulatory violations that have been adjudicated or are pending.