Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement Reaccreditation

Bureau of Law Enforcement Earns First Re-Accreditation

Virginia ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement earned its first re-accreditation in 2019 from the Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards commission (VLEPSC) and met every standard of compliance during its assessment. "This is a testament to the hard work of our leadership team and our agents," Virginia ABC Chief Law Enforcement Office Tom Kirby said. "I want to thank everyone for their dedication to upholding public trust and adhering to the VLESPC standards. It is a great achievement to be re-accredited."

The assessment team visited three regional offices and conducted inspections at each office. The formal assessment was held at the Richmond Regional Office and included a ride-along portion, inspections of the static display and evidence room, an agency tour and the file review. At the end, Virginia ABC was compliant in all 184 applicable standards.

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Interested in a Law Enforcement Career?

Virginia ABC special agents are an integral part of maintaining a safe, orderly and regulated system for responsible consumption of alcohol. Special agents are vested with statewide police authority to enforce the criminal laws of the commonwealth. 

Learn more about a career in ABC law enforcement.

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Our Response to COVID-19

ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement understands that this pandemic has greatly affected licensed businesses. Their success is our top priority. In this ever-changing climate, ABC will continue to provide our licensees with relief from regulatory challenges in areas where we have the authority to do so. For information on our regulatory updates, see our COVID-19 Licensee Resources page.
Restaurant and Spanish-language ABC materials

Leyes de Alcohol en Virginia

Because laws and cultural traditions surrounding alcohol and alcohol consumption differ throughout the world, Virginia ABC translated important alcohol-related laws into Spanish to better serve Hispanic citizens and businesses. Read more.
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Moving into Virginia?

Are you planning to move alcoholic beverages with your household goods into Virginia? The Code of Virginia (COV 4.1-310) prohibits the transportation or importation of more than one gallon of alcohol into the state per individual per occasion. For one gallon or less, you do not need any paperwork. Read more.

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Regional Offices

Virginia ABC’s Bureau of Law Enforcement has nine regional offices and one satellite office that serve as points of contact for citizens and licensees. Find contact information for your local office.

Questions related to hearings and appeals should be directed to the Hearings, Appeals and Judicial Services Division.

ABC Violations

Please see Final Decisions and Scheduled Dockets for list of statutory and regulatory violations that have been adjudicated or are pending.