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Media Library

Virginia ABC has a selection of downloadable graphics, images and videos that are available for use with credit to the agency. If you need additional photos or photos at different dimensions, please contact a public relations representative. High-resolution images may be obtained via caption links and are approximately 5x7 inches at 300 dots per inch.

Use of any text, videos, photographs and/or images on this site requires the express permission from the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. Permission requires that the content not be altered, and that the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority is cited as the source. Please send requests for permission to copy or use site contents to pubrel@virginiaabc.com.

Virginia ABC Board of Directors and Executive Team

Maria Everett
Board Member

Download Maria Everett Headshot (160x201)
Download Maria Everett Headshot (2400x3000)

Bill Euille
Board Member

Download Bill Euille Headshot (160x201)
Download Bill Euille Headshot (2400x3000)

Beth Hungate-Noland
Board Member
Download Beth Hungate-Noland Headshot (160x201)
Download Beth Hungate-Noland Headshot (2400x3000)

Mark Rubin
Board Member

Download Mark Rubin Headshot (160x201)
Download Mark Rubin Headshot (2400x3000)

Gregory Holland
Board Member

Download Gregory Holland Headshot (160x201)
Download Gregory Holland Headshot (2400x3000)
Travis Hill
Chief Executive Officer
Download Travis Hill Headshot (160x201)
Download Travis Hill Headshot (2400x3000)

David Alfano
Chief Administrative Officer

Download David Alfano Headshot (160x201)
Download David Alfano Headshot (2400x3000)
Vida Williams
Chief Digital and Branding Officer

Download Vida Williams Headshot (160x201)
Download Vida Williams Headshot (2400x3000)

Virginia ABC Headquarters

Download Virginia ABC Headquarters Image (2022)
Download Virginia ABC Headquarters Aerial View (2022)

Video B-Roll

Virginia ABC Virtual Tour
Virginia ABC New Distribution Center B-Roll
Virginia ABC Box Tour Time Lapse B-Roll
Virginia ABC Distribution Center Conveyers B-Roll

To view more Virginia ABC videos, please visit vimeo.com/virginiaabc.

Product Spotlight

Q1 2023 Select New Products
Q1 2023 Virginia-Made New Products
Low and No Alcohol Products
New Black-Owned Spirits

Virginia ABC Operations

Download Virginia ABC Williamsburg Premier Store (.jpg)
Download Virginia ABC Virginia Beach Premier Store (.jpg)

Virginia ABC History

Virginia ABC Story, ca. 1950s (.jpg)
First Female Store Employee, Roanoke (.jpg)
Moonshine Bust #1, ca. 1940s (.jpg)
Moonshine Bust #2, ca. 1940s (.jpg)
WWII Ration Tickets (.jpg)
Conventional Store, cs. 1950's (.jpg)