About Virginia ABC

Virginia ABC’s 292,285-square-foot distilled spirits warehouse in Richmond.

Virginia ABC's Warehouse Accomplishes Remarkable Things

From the outside, it’s not very remarkable—just another giant warehouse sitting a stone’s throw away from Interstate 95, blending seamlessly into a mostly industrial landscape. But on any given day Virginia ABC’s 292,285-square-foot warehouse building, which is attached to Virginia ABC’s central office in Richmond, holds about $35 million worth of distilled spirits, Virginia wine and non-alcoholic mixers. Here are some facts about Virginia ABC’s warehouse:

  • The warehouse is the size of about five and a half football fields.
  • During peak season (October 1–January 1) the warehouse has an average inventory of $45 million worth of distilled spirits, Virginia wine and nonalcoholic mixers.
  • The warehouse processes orders for an average of 65–70 stores daily using an automation system installed in 2006, which allows employees to process a maximum 20,000 cases in an eight-hour shift.
  • Thirty items are the largest volume items, and they represent 30 percent of Virginia ABC's business. By store order volume, Jack Daniel’s 7 Black is the top distilled spirit.
  • The agency’s warehouse has been located at 2901 Hermitage Road since 1971.
  • The warehouse conducts four complete inventories annually. Each inventory requires two days.
  • About 90 percent of the warehouse inventory is glass.
  • There are seven doors for receiving product from 15-17 tractor trailers a day during non-peak times and 20–22 daily during the peak season. Three “unloaders” and three “put away” drivers using forklifts move products around the warehouse.
  • The warehouse prepares weekly deliveries for between 300–310 of Virginia ABC’s 358 stores. Forty-five stores receive delivery every other week and three stores receive deliveries once a month from the warehouse.
  • Tractor trailer trucks carrying a maximum load of 45,000 pounds each service between one to six stores daily.

Annual Reports

Fiscal year 2015 marked Virginia ABC’s 17th consecutive record-breaking year in sales and profits.

View the annual report for fiscal year 2015 (PDF).

ABC Board

Virginia ABC is governed by a three-person Board consisting of a chairperson and two commissioners who direct all agency operations.

Job Openings

Virginia ABC is a multidimensional state agency, offering a variety of career opportunities statewide.

Explore careers at Virginia ABC.

Find a Store

With more than 350 store locations across the Commonwealth, Virginia ABC is committed to providing excellent customer service.

A Virginia ABC special agent speaks to an ESOL class in Chesterfield in April 2016.

Understanding Virginia's Alcohol Laws

Laws and cultural traditions surrounding alcohol differ throughout the world. In an effort to familiarize those who come to Virginia from other countries with the Commonwealth’s alcohol laws, Virginia ABC in partnership with Substance Abuse Free Environment, Inc. Latino Coalition met with 70 students in the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes in Chesterfield County on April 11.
Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States Anne Andersvisited Virginia ABC's Short Pump premier store in February 2016.

Ireland's Ambassador Visits Virginia ABC

Anne Anderson, Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States, toured Virginia ABC’s Short Pump premier store during her visit to Richmond on February 18. Virginia ABC has a long-standing relationship with “Bord Bia,” the Irish government agency charged with exporting products. This mutually profitable relationship has been enhanced recently given the increase in Irish spirits available for export and the popularity of those products with Virginia consumers.
Seal of Virginia

Virginians Helping Virginians

Brutal storms swept through the Commonwealth in February leaving many Virginians displaced and in need of assistance. Extensive clean-up efforts are underway and will continue in the weeks to come. Virginia ABC is partnering with the Department of Emergency Management to collect donations to help citizens recover from this crisis. In addition to being able to donate online, customers may give to Virginia's Disaster Relief Fund at an ABC store.
Virginia ABC works to ensure that adults of legal drinking age who choose to responsibly consume alcohol can do so in a safe environment that complies with the laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia.