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Legislative Update

Virginia ABC-Related Legislation Effective Starting July 1, 2021.

License Reform

House Bill 1845 – This bill extends the effective date of Virginia ABC’s major license reform legislation. It will now be effective on January 1, 2022. Additionally, the bill allows on premises wine and beer licensees to sell wine or beer for off premises consumption and to allow those licensees to deliver wine and beer that the licensee is authorized to sell without a delivery permit.

Cocktails To Go

House Bill 1879 and Senate Bill 1299 – Both bills allow the continuation of a practice first conceived and initiated by ABC to allow restaurants to sell cocktails to go. During the height of the pandemic when many restaurants were shuttered, ABC created a safe and secure way for restaurants to offer cocktails to go with a meal. The General Assembly has now continued this practice in statute for a one-year period during which ABC will conduct a study of the practice, including any public safety concerns and other issues that may arise as a result.

Virtual Fundraising Events

House Bill 1973 – This bill allows a nonprofit corporation or association conducting virtual fundraising events to exercise the privilege of such license during the course of the virtual fundraising event, including the sale and shipment of wine in closed containers.

Pending License Notification

House Bill 2131 – Bill requires ABC to notify the Chief Administrative Officer of a locality of a pending ABC license in their locality. The bill also amends certain provisions as to what constitutes “blight” for purposes of local action relative to activities at ABC licensed establishments.

Games of Skill

House Bill 2168 – This bill makes it clear that a local county or city attorney, an attorney for the Commonwealth and the Attorney General can enforce against unlawful games of skill.

Special Event Licenses

House Bill 2266 and Senate Bill 1471 – Both bills authorizes ABC, after the adoption of a local ordinance, to increase the frequency and duration of what are currently known as special event licenses. The new legislation renames this license a “designated outdoor refreshment area” license. The legislation will have the effect of allowing localities to work with ABC to create consumption areas in portions of the jurisdiction that are likely to be entertainment or walking districts. ABC licensees in the designated districts will be able to sell alcohol to patrons who can consume the beverages outside the licensed establishment so long as they remain in the designated outdoor area, which could consist of several blocks.

Sale of Lower Alcohol Beverages by Virginia ABC

Senate Bill 1428 – A bill that prohibits, beginning January 1, 2022, ABC from selling low alcohol beverages (LABs) in retail stores unless the LABs were manufactured by a Virginia distiller. Low alcohol beverages are those consisting of 7.5 % abv and below. ABC retail stores will market Virginia based LABs and those products over 7.5 % abv.

For Licensees

Visit the Retail Resources and Industry Resources sections for wine and beer and for distilled spirits for additional information about proper implementation of ABC laws and regulations. Topics range from happy hour advertising to food-beverage ratio requirements.

ABC Crimeline

To report an ABC law violation or object to an ABC license: Call (800) 552-3200 or submit the Violation Complaint Form.

Authority FAQs

In 2018 Virginia ABC transitioned from an agency into an authority. Learn more about the authority, its structure, its impact on operations and changes to employee benefits on the Authority FAQs page.