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Legislative Update

Virginia ABC-Related Legislation Effective July 1, 2024.

Virginia ABC considered Independent Authority

(HB 30, SB 30) – Notwithstanding subsection A of § 2.2-221, Code of Virginia, the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority is considered an independent agency of the Commonwealth.

Online and Electronic Marketing of Spirits 

(HB 522, SB 182 Directs Virginia ABC to promulgate regulations that prescribe the terms and conditions under which manufacturers, brokers, importers and wholesalers may advertise and promote alcoholic beverages via the Internet, social media, direct-to-consumer electronic communication, or other electronic means.

Cocktails To-Go Permanent, Third-Party Delivery License Ends in 2026

(HB 688, SB 635 Repeals the July 1, 2024, sunset on provisions that allow distillers that have been appointed as agents of Virginia ABC, mixed beverage restaurant licensees, and limited mixed beverage restaurant licensees to sell mixed beverages for off-premises consumption and farm winery licensees to sell pre-mixed wine for off-premises consumption. The bill also repeals, effective July 1, 2026, third-party delivery licenses. The bill requires the Authority to convene a work group to review third-party delivery licenses and report its findings and recommendations to the Chairmen of the House Committee on General Laws and the Senate Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services.

Offering Alcoholic Beverages on Private Campground

(SB 26)  Provides that the prohibition on drinking or offering to another an alcoholic beverage in public shall not apply when such acts are conducted on the premises of a campground located on private property at which a majority of the campers use travel or tent trailers, pickup campers, or motor homes or similar recreational vehicles.

Performing Arts and Sports Facility Licenses

(HB 1349, SB 180, SB 400, SB 657, and SB 72)  Defines performing arts facility and sports facility and standardizes the eligibility criteria for annual mixed beverage performing arts facility licenses and on-and-off-premises wine and beer licenses for performing arts food concessionaires. The bill also removes provisions that allow Virginia ABC to grant annual mixed beverage motor sports facility licenses and motor car sporting event facility licenses and creates an annual mixed beverage sports facility license, which may be granted to persons operating a sports facility or food concessions at a sports facility and would authorize the licensee to sell mixed beverages during any event and immediately subsequent thereto to patrons within all seating areas, concourses, walkways, concession areas, and additional designated locations in closed containers for off-premises consumption or in paper, plastic, or similar disposable containers or in single original metal cans for on-premises consumption.

Initial Summary Suspension Investigation Start Time

(SB 658 Extends the timeline for completing initial summary suspension investigations if the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.

For Licensees

Visit the Retail Resources and Industry Resources sections for wine and beer and for distilled spirits for additional information about proper implementation of ABC laws and regulations. Topics range from happy hour advertising to food-beverage ratio requirements.

ABC Crimeline

To report an ABC law violation or object to an ABC license: Call (800) 552-3200 or submit the Violation Complaint Form.

Authority FAQs

In 2018 Virginia ABC transitioned from an agency into an authority. Learn more about the authority, its structure, its impact on operations and changes to employee benefits on the Authority FAQs page.