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Employment FAQs

Whom do I contact regarding employment?
Interested candidates may search and apply for jobs using our online employment system. Available job opportunities are posted on Virginia ABC’s website for a minimum of one business week. For more information, call (804) 213-4430 or (804) 213-4423 during business hours.

What training opportunities are available?
Virginia ABC offers our employees job training for enhancing job knowledge, skills and competencies. The agency also may offer tuition reimbursement for educational opportunities that are deemed related to one’s job.

What are the hours of employment?
Business core hours are normally 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, personnel in the areas of law enforcement, security, warehouse operations and retail stores (10 a.m.–9 p.m.) may work different hours or shifts, including holidays. Generally, full-time employees work no more than 40 hours per work week; hourly employees work no more than 29 hours per work week.

Is there opportunity for advancement within Virginia ABC?
Virgnia ABC has a solid reputation for advancing our employees based on individuals’ gained institutional knowledge, career experience and job-performance track record. Approximately 90 percent of our hourly retail store associates advance by competing for full-time careers within the agency. Each of Virginia ABC’s 14 operational divisions offers career growth and advancement opportunities, not only within Virginia ABC, but throughout Virginia state government.

Are state government employee benefits included with full-time positions?
Full-time employment is often referred to as a “classified” position. Employees in classified positions receive a package of employment benefits and leave that equals an average of at least 42 percent of salary. Employees working in hourly positions are paid only for the actual hours worked (not to exceed 29 hours in a workweek) and do not receive employee benefits. Business core hours are normally 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If business requirements are met, alternative and flexible workday schedules are available to employees who may desire to begin their workday earlier than 8 a.m or conclude their work day after 5 p.m., or choose not to work the traditional five-day work week. Personnel in the areas of law enforcement, security, warehouse operations and retail stores may work alternative work schedules based on agency business needs. Virginia ABC positions often can accommodate an individual’s work-life balance.

What is the salary range, and how is a hiring salary determined?
Virginia ABC and the Commonwealth of Virginia have a “pay band” compensation system. The level of duties, responsibilities and complexity will determine the position’s job classification and subsequent appropriate pay band. Virginia ABC can negotiate an employment and salary offer within the position’s designated pay band, based on multiple factors to ensure pay equity within its workforce.

If I am currently under a retirement plan, will my retirement transfer?
Virginia state government “classified” positions are primarily under the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) or Virginia Law Officers Retirement System (VALORS). Municipalities may also be covered by these retirement plans, which will transfer into state government employment. However, other private sector retirement or pension plans (e.g., 401-K) may not be converted to the state’s retirement plan.

Are there residency requirements?
Most Virginia ABC positions do not have residency requirements, although there are residency requirements associated with most law enforcement and retail operations (regional manager) positions. Normally these can require an employee to relocate or reside either within the region where the position is assigned or within a 30-mile radius of the employee’s assigned duty station. Residency requirements will be stated on position.

Are there opportunities for “teleworking”?
Teleworking allows employees to work from remote or off-site locations. Virginia ABC offers a variety of employment opportunities that may allow teleworking opportunities for designated positions, involving partial or full work weeks. The availability of teleworking is directly dependent on the type of position and whether the performance of particular duties require an employee to be present on site.

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