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How to Make Floral Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes infused with a various assortment of flowers
Spring is finally here! Whether your next celebration is hosted indoors or out, it’s the perfect time to introduce the star of the season, flowers! Not only are flowers the staples of table arrangements, but the perfect way to elevate your hosting with floral ice cubes. Formal or casual, floral ice cubes are fun accents for any event. Deceptively easy to assemble, they keep well in the freezer, making them readily accessible for those unexpected friends who drop by for a drink and a nibble.
Floral Ice Cube 2

Finding Flowers

The key to creating floral ice cubes is sourcing edible flowers. While some flowers may be great for the vase on your table, they may not work for your cocktail. Sourcing flowers specifically raised for safe consumption, including low to no pesticides is the best practice says Beth Dixon, founder of Salt and Acid and Virginia ABC’s in-house expert mixologist. For those with a green thumb, she recommends using flowers from your own garden. Another great source is farmers markets and natural grocery stores. Check with vendors to make sure they use organic practices to grow their flowers. 

Here are our suggestions for choices of flowers:

  • Pansies
  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Candytuft
  • Dianthus
  • Mint
  • Lavender
  • For the Virginia Lovers:
  • Violet (Viola sororia)
  • Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
  • Passionflower (Passiflora incarnat and Passiflora lutea)
  • Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus)
  • Wild roses (Rosa Carolina and Palustris)

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    How to Make Floral Ice Cubes

    Materials Needed:

    • Pesticide-free edible flowers
    • Silicone ice molds
    • Distilled water


    Step 1: Make sure the flowers are picked, rinsed, and de-stemmed. You will only need flower pedals for this.

    Step 2: Lay out the ice cube tray of choice. You might even consider investing in unique ice cube trays—think different shapes or extra-large balls —that give a special festive touch.

    Step 3: Fill the ice cube molds up halfway with water, and place one flower bloom on top. Cover with a tiny bit more water. The molds should be filled barely over halfway, not completely.

    Step 4: Place the tray on a flat surface in the freezer for at least 6 to 12 hours. Keep that boiled water for later!

    Step 5: Pull out the tray and top off the molds with more boiled water until filled up. Put it back in the freezer for 12 to 24 hours.

    Step 6: Remove ice cubes from the tray and enjoy! Store in an airtight container or freezer-safe bag. Flower ice cubes are easy to make in big batches to save time later.

    Freezing the cubes in two layers ensures that the flowers are positioned in the middle of the ice cube, rather than just floating on top and remaining partially exposed after freezing. If using a bigger mold, you can even sandwich two blooms—one facing up, one facing down—to create a 360-degree look on the finished ice cube. Have fun!


    Looking for ways to use these ice cubes?

    Check out our curated cocktails to discover various recipes that feature various colors  shapes of floral ice cubes. 

    Thank you to Brookland Park Flower and Gifts & The Flower Guy Bron for providing the flowers used for this project. If you are in Richmond, Virginia, please support this local business for all your flower needs.

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