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Virginia Bourbons at State Capitol

June = June-iper with Virginia Gins!

Virginia distillers are bringing creativity and innovation to their production of gins in the commonwealth. Distilled from grain at a high proof and flavored with juniper berries, traditional botanicals and a range of other ingredients, gins work well in light, complex cocktails that allow their unique flavor profiles to shine through. Learn more about gin and discover gins made right here in Virginia!

Catoctin Creek
Founded in 2009 by Becky and Scott Harris, Catoctin Creek Distillery was the first legal distillery in Loudoun County since before Prohibition. The “Catoctin” name is regional, deriving from the Indian tribal name for the mountain range and nearby creek. Grains and fruits that go into Catoctin Creek’s products are sourced locally and are free of pesticides and chemical additives. Their awarded Watershed Gin, whose name pays homage to the Chesapeake Bay watershed, is distilled from rye grain and offers subtle citrus and cinnamon notes, essences of fresh cut hay and crisp juniper character. Try it in a traditional Gin and Tonic or mix it into any gin-based cocktail recipe.
KO Distilling

After meeting as classmates and cadet midshipmen at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Bill Karlson and John O’Mara went their separate ways, but followed similar paths: sailing in the Merchant Marine, serving in the U.S. Navy Reserve and working in the defense contracting industry. Once they both retired, the two decided to pursue their passion to create craft spirits with local ingredients and high-quality production methods in their new venture, KO Distilling. Their Navy Strength gin derives its name from the British Navy’s practice of proofing gin rations to 114 proof, so that if it were spilled on the ship’s gunpowder, the gunpowder could still be fired in battle. This delicious spirit is surprisingly smooth, with big, bold and vibrant notes of juniper, citrus, and cinnamon. It’s best enjoyed in a Gin Martini, or any gin-based cocktail.

Vitae Spirits

Priding itself on taking basic raw ingredients, many of them locally sourced, and turning them into faithful expressions of their botanical origins, Vitae Spirits Distillery is located near downtown Charlottesville in the Rose Hill area. Using a custom built copper pot still from renowned Louisville, Kentucky still maker Vendome Copper & Brass Works, Vitae creates rums, liqueurs, and Modern Gin, a dry gin that has a distinct but not overpowering juniper berry influence that allows the complexity of the other 16 botanicals to shine through. Its base spirit comes from American sugar cane molasses, which gives it depth and complexity. Its crisp, clean flavor makes it fantastic in a Negroni or any gin-based cocktail.


Starting with a meager 23-gallon copper still and a dream, second-generation Irish-American cousins Tom Murray and Mike Larkin, along with a small team of friends and family, set out to create a legacy distilling high-quality, small-batch spirits. The result was MurLarkey Distilled Spirits. Using twelve fresh, all-natural botanicals makes Imagination Gin stand out in the crowd. It’s handcrafted, gluten-free and is distilled using a proprietary blend of all-natural botanicals, including Sichuan peppercorn, Angelica root, fresh lavender, grains of paradise, fresh-cut celery, lemongrass, the classic Juniper and more. Try it in an Aviation cocktail, or mixed into any other gin cocktail.

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wine and cheese
Whether you prefer big, bold reds or crisp whites, Virginia ABC carries a variety of wines from all regions of the state.

Catoctin Creek Distilling Process
From the mountains to the bay, discover Virginia has over 50  licensed distilleries. Discover the premium craft spirits of the commonwealth.
Distillery Store
More than 25 Virginia distilleries have met qualifications to offer their spirits for sale and offer tastings of their product
Bartender making cocktails at Virginia restaurant.
Virginia ABC has partnered with some of Virginia's most talented bartenders to share their innovative and delicious drink recipes!
Rick House
From bourbons and ryes to old-fashioned corn whiskey, commonwealth distillers continue the tradition of fine whiskey-making.
Gin and tonic
Several Virginia distilleries make classic varieties of this clear spirit that is flavored with juniper berries or other botanicals.
Walnut Liqueur
From aquavit to nut liqueurs, the variety of Virginia-made cordials offer limitless possibilities for aperitifs and cocktails.
Virginia-made rums
Building upon the maritime roots of the commonwealth, Virginia distillers offer many premium rums, for both sipping and mixing.
Virginia Vodkas
Whether distilled from grain or potatoes, more than 10 Virginia distilleries make this neutral spirit. Serve it chilled and neat or in cocktails.
bartender mixing
From lime juice and Bloody Mary mix to ginger-infused simple syrup, there is an abundance of cocktail mixers made in Virginia.
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