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Dress Up Your Coffee With Virginia-Made

Elevate your holiday coffee experience with the perfect blend of rich, robust coffee flavors and the warm flavors of Virginia-made spirits. The marriage of coffee and spirits creates a festive fusion for all holiday gatherings
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Shop Local: Red Rooster Coffee Co.

One of Virginia’s more than 80 coffee roasters, Red Rooster began with a simple idea to roast single-origin coffee for his wife's coffee shop in Floyd, Virginia. Now carried in various retail stores, Red Rooster offers delicious and sustainably sourced from Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Burundi, Colombia, Sumatra, El Salvador, and many more for its coffees. Learn more about Red Rooster roots and delicious coffee cocktails for the holiday.

The Origin of American Spirits

Birthplace of American Spirits

From the Blue Ridge to the Bay, Virginia distillers carry on the tradition of distilling spirits. George Thorpe, an English settler in Jamestown, distilled the first batch of Virginia-made whiskey by substituting corn for European barley in 1620. George Washington was also credited for his participation in spirits distillation. In 1799, his distillery at Mount Vernon produced over 11,000 gallons of whiskey, making it one of the largest distilleries in America at the time. Today, George Washington’s distillery continues to operate and offers a limited amount of product annually. Over four hundred years later, Virginia is home of over 60 distilleries across the state.
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Virginia-Mixed Cocktails

Virginia-mixed cocktails are created by your favorite Virginia bartenders, restaurants and distilleries. Looking for your signature cocktail? Learn how to mix up something innovative and local, like the Lime Rosé Spritzer, Buskey Island Cooler and The Fresh Up Fizz. And be sure to pick up Virginia-made spirits, wines and mixers to craft these commonwealth favorites. Cheers to local mixology!

Shenandoah Valley

Commonwealth Quality

Virginia products reflect regional personality as well as time-honored quality: whiskey influenced by waterside aging, history-focused Colonial-style rum and  heritage moonshine crafted with modern innovation. Many Virginia distillers, such as Catoctin Creek, Virginia Distillery Co., Blue Sky Distillery and others, also offer sustainably made spirits, honoring the rich natural resources our state.
KO Distilling

Distillery Stores

While Virginia ABC carries a broad selection of Virginia-made products, Virginia distillers often offer additional products at their on-site distillery stores and via their online product catalogs. Many Virginia distilleries also offer the convenience of home shipping and curbside pickup of their spirits products. Explore Virginia’s more than 50 distilleries and discover a new favorite Virginia-made product!

Mixers of the Commonwealth

Mixers of the Commonwealth

What pairs well with Virginia-made spirits? Virginia-made mixers of course! Sparkling, sweet and even spicy, these local brands are just what you need for stirring something up. Navy Hill products are a great base to any cocktail. Start with their Original Soda + Tonic or some flavor with one of their flavored mixers. For something sweet, try one of Keep it Simple Syrup’s five flavor variations or Poe’s Phantastic Simple Syrup.

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Local Ingredients

Virginia spirits, wines and mixers often incorporate locally sourced ingredients and flavoring elements, such as Chesapeake Bay seasoning, apples, bitter orangesand, of course, pure mountain water.  Virginia distillers also collaborate with local breweries, coffee roasteries and restaurants, creating uniquely Virginia offerings. Enjoy local spirits, while supporting Virginia businesses!
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