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Virginia Cocktails for Holiday Entertaining

Virginia bartenders have created a bevy of unique and tasty cocktails. Learn how to mix them up and pair them with holiday dishes to wow your guests. Find all the spirits you’ll need for these Virginia-mixed recipes at your local Virginia ABC store.

Also explore our Food Pairings page for additional holiday entertaining ideas.

Whiskey Sour on bar
Created by Beth Dixon of Richmond’s Pasture restaurant, this warming version of a whiskey sour is best enjoyed using Richmond’s own Reservoir Rye Whiskey. Pair it with holiday desserts for a delicately sweet match to even the richest cakes and pies.
pink cocktail
This yummy punch will be a great signature cocktail for your holiday gathering. Inspired by Virginia’s rum distilling and importing history, it’s delicious with Vitae Spirits Platinum Rum. Set out a punch bowl with a fruit and cheese platter as your guests arrive.
Try this delicious version of the classic minty drink with Virago Four Port Rum and Keep It Simple Syrups Spearmint! Created by Virginia mixologists, it’s sure to be a hit at your holiday party. Match it with holiday sides like green bean casserole, salads and roasted carrots.
Whiskey cocktail with lemon
Sam Brooks of Captain Gregory’s restaurant in Alexandria developed this rye whiskey based cocktail that showcases yellow Chartreuse and Fernet Branca. Give it a try with Bare Knuckle American Rye Whiskey and pair it with holiday roasted meats like turkey, beef or venison.

Catoctin Creek Distilling Process
View current licensed distilleries in the commonwealth. For more information, also visit the Virginia Distillers Association.
Distillery Store
More than 25 Virginia distilleries have met qualifications to offer their spirits for sale and offer tastings of their product
Bartender making cocktails at Virginia restaurant.
Virginia ABC has partnered with some of Virginia's most talented bartenders to share their innovative and delicious drink recipes!
Rick House
From bourbons and ryes to old-fashioned corn whiskey, commonwealth distillers continue the tradition of fine whiskey-making.
Virginia-made rums
Building upon the maritime roots of the commonwealth, Virginia distillers offer many premium rums, both for sipping and for mixing.
Walnut Liqueur
From aquavit to nut liqueurs, the variety of Virginia-made cordials offer limitless possibilities for aperitifs and cocktails.
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