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Sustainability and Virginia Distilleries and Wineries

From harnessing solar energy to cleaning distillery wastewater, providing spent grain to local farms and targeting energy efficiency, Virginia distillers and wineries are caring for our environment by using sustainable practices in their production of Virginia-made spirits and wines. Explore products made by these distillers and wineries in our online catalog by clicking the “Virginia Wine” and “Virginia Spirits” buttons at the top of the page.

Catoctin Creek

Catoctin Creek Distillery and Virginia Distillery Company

The first East Coast distillery powered by solar electricity, Purcellville’s Catoctin Creek Distillery has a solar power system that offsets nearly 85% of the company’s electrical usage. In addition, Catoctin Creek Distillery gives its spent rye mash to local farms and recycles its waste alcohol into fuel-grade ethanol. Set in rural Nelson County far from municipal water services, Virginia Distillery Company goes the extra mile to clean the distillery’s wastewater. “Anything that’s spilled or washed down the distillery floor drain is captured and sent to an underground holding tank,” explains Ian Thomas. Those “washing waters” are treated to balance the pH and processed to remove the solids, leaving balanced, clean water behind which gets deposited into an EPA-approved drain field that will eventually be filtered through the ground to the aquifer.

Phillip Carter Winery

Philip Carter Winery and Williamsburg Winery

Nestled in the rolling hills of Fauquier County, Philip Carter Winery focuses on producing award-winning wines while being stewards of Piedmont and incorporating sustainable practices into their winery operations. Certified as a “Virginia Green” business, the winery has developed recycling, waste reduction, and energy and water conservation programs to address the environmental impact of winemaking. A Virginia Green Winery, Williamsburg Winery has committed to voluntarily minimize the impact of its operations by reducing the use of fertilizers and chemicals in its winegrowing operations. You can raise a glass of Governor’s White or Two Shilling Red proudly, knowing the winery is helping to take care of our planet.

Silverback Sanitizer

Virginia Distillers Producing Hand Sanitizer

When times are tough, Virginia distillers are quick to step in to produce one of the first lines of defense against coronavirus: hand sanitizer. The type of alcohol needed to produce this germ-fighter is easily distilled by Virginia producers, as it involves a similar process to that of distilling spirits. By harnessing it for use in hand sanitizer, Virginia distilleries are helping hospitals, doctors and nurses, and any citizen who needs it to stay safe during these challenging times. If you’re in need of hand sanitizer or Virginia-made spirits, check out these Virginia distilleries. Please note that some distilleries are only producing sanitizer for hospitals and first responders at this time.

Virginia Distilleries:

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Catoctin Creek Distilling Process
With more than 50 distilleries, there is a distillery in nearly every corner of the commonwealth. Learn about what makes them and their products unique.
Distillery Store

Many Virginia distilleries sell their products in their own, on-site stores. Some Virginia distillery stores offer products not available anywhere else. Check them out!

Bartender making cocktails at Virginia restaurant.

Try your hand at mixing up a cocktail inspired by one of Virginia’s bartenders, restaurants or resorts. Of course, they’re best mixed with Virginia-made spirits!

Types of whiskies
From bourbons and ryes to old-fashioned corn whiskey, commonwealth distillers continue the tradition of fine whiskey-making.
Gin and tonic
Several Virginia distilleries make classic varieties of this clear spirit that is flavored with juniper berries or other botanicals.
Walnut Liqueur
From aquavit to nut liqueurs, the variety of Virginia-made cordials offer limitless possibilities for aperitifs and cocktails.
Virginia-made rums
Building upon the maritime roots of the commonwealth, Virginia distillers offer many premium rums, for both sipping and mixing.
Virginia Vodkas
Whether distilled from grain or potatoes, more than 10 Virginia distilleries make this neutral spirit. Serve it chilled and neat or in cocktails.
bartender mixing
From simple syrup to Bloody Mary Mix, there is an abundance of cocktail mixers made here in Virginia.
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