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Bourbon Barrels

One for the Ages: Pick Your Favorite Virginia Spirit for ABC’s Time Capsule

Virginia ABC will soon be moving its headquarters to Hanover! As part of dedicating the new building, we will be filling a time capsule and burying it on the grounds. We are asking Virginians to help us choose a favorite Virginia-made spirit to add to the time capsule contents. Use this one-question survey to write in your favorite Virginia spirit, then share with family and friends for them to add their favorites. We'll collect the responses, determine a winner, and a bottle of that spirit will go underground for 100 years. We hope you'll participate - this is one for the ages! 

VA New Products Q2 2021

What's New in Virginia

This quarter, Virginia ABC offers new wines, a whisky and canned cocktails for you to discover. From Williamsburg Winery, red wine drinkers will love the fresh, fruity and earthy characteristics of the Barrel Aged Claret, while the Petit Verdot offers a well-balanced, elegant wine that blends berry and currant flavors with Old World earthiness. On the flavor flip side, Belle Isle’s Honey Habanero & Pineapple is a sparkling, sweet and spicy kick in a convenient can. Virginia Distillery Co.’s Courage & Conviction Cuvée Cask American Single Malt Whisky is aged a minimum of three years and features notes of raspberry and cherry on the nose with a creamy and exceptionally smooth finish. Explore these new Virginia products and find a new favorite!
Tarnished Truth

Virginia Distillers

While Virginia ABC carries many Virginia-made products, Virginia distillers often offer a broader selection at their onsite distillery stores and via their online product catalogs. Many Virginia distilleries now offer home shipping and curbside pickup of their spirits products.

Explore Virginia’s more than 50 distilleries and discover a new favorite Virginia-made product!

bartender mixing

Virginia-Mixed Cocktails

Explore Virginia Mixed cocktails created by your favorite Virginia bartenders, restaurants, & spirits brands. Learn how to mix up something new & local, like the Lime Rosé Spritzer, Buskey Island Cooler & The Fresh Up Fizz. Be sure to pick up Virginia-made spirits to mix into these local favorites, & don’t forget Virginia brands like Navy Hill for the Soda (+Tonic) to your gin &  Keep It Simple syrups in a variety of flavors. Cheers to local!

VA Spirits Day

Shop and learn about Virginia-made spirits carried by Virginia ABC. Explore Virginia-made bourbons, vodkas, rums and more!

Catoctin Creek Distilling Process
With more than 50 distilleries, there is a distillery in nearly every corner of the commonwealth. Learn about what makes them and their products unique.
Distillery Store

Many Virginia distilleries sell their products in their own, on-site stores. Some Virginia distillery stores offer products not available anywhere else. Check them out!

Bartender making cocktails at Virginia restaurant.

Try your hand at mixing up a cocktail inspired by one of Virginia’s bartenders, restaurants or resorts. Of course, they’re best mixed with Virginia-made spirits!

Types of whiskies
From bourbons and ryes to old-fashioned corn whiskey, commonwealth distillers continue the tradition of fine whiskey-making.
Gin and tonic
Several Virginia distilleries make classic varieties of this clear spirit that is flavored with juniper berries or other botanicals.
Walnut Liqueur
From aquavit to nut liqueurs, the variety of Virginia-made cordials offer limitless possibilities for aperitifs and cocktails.
Virginia-made rums
Building upon the maritime roots of the commonwealth, Virginia distillers offer many premium rums, for both sipping and mixing.
Virginia Vodkas
Whether distilled from grain or potatoes, more than 10 Virginia distilleries make this neutral spirit. Serve it chilled and neat or in cocktails.
bartender mixing
From simple syrup to Bloody Mary Mix, there is an abundance of cocktail mixers made here in Virginia.
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