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Gin spread around the globe due to European colonization as a cure for a variety of maladies. Early American colonials brought this favored spirit with them to places like the Jamestown Colony. It’s no surprise that in modern times Virginia distillers are reinventing this historic spirit.

The name "gin" originates from the French and Dutch words for juniper. Gin is distilled from grain at a high proof, and is flavored with juniper berries and a range of other natural ingredients. Virginia distillers often source local herbs, berries and other ingredients to achieve a wide range of Virginia gin variations. Explore what VirGINia has to offer!

Gin serves as the base for many classic cocktails. Check out our recommended gin cocktail recipes like the Bees Knees, Gin Martini or the most famous, the Gin and Tonic!

Virginia Distillery

Visit Virginia Distilleries

Virginia ABC offers a selection of spirits from more than 25 Virginia distilleries. Visit Virginia distilleries and distillery stores for tours, tastings and select products.
Virginia distillers

Virginia-Made Bourbons

Three Virginia distilleries offer hand-crafted, small-batch bourbons: A. Smith Bowman (Fredericksburg), Ironclad (Newport News) and Reservoir (Richmond).
Wine cocktails

Virginia Wine Cocktails

Combine Virginia wine and spirits in fantastic cocktails! Try our featured recipe, the Stargazer, with Prince Michel Chardonnay and Mt. Defiance Dark Rum.
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ABC store tasting event

Tasting Events

View schedule. Approximately 250 tasting events are held each month at select store locations. As required by law, a person must be 21 years of age to participate in a tasting or to purchase alcoholic beverages.
Distillery Store

Distillery Stores

Some Virginia distilleries have met qualifications to offer their spirits for sale and offer tastings of their product. View list of current distillery stores.