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VA ABC Signature Cocktail: Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy
Dressed in the festive hues of winter, this libation is a celebration of merriment and the Nutcracker's magical allure. This whimsical holiday cocktail seamlessly blends the enchanting notes of Blackleaf Organic Vodka with the festive flair of plum brandy. The vodka provides a crisp canvas for the dance of flavors to unfold. The plum brandy is a symphony of fruity and festive notes that will have your taste buds pirouetting in delight. However, the star of the show is a frothy egg white foam, reminiscent of snow-covered tutus that adds a luxurious texture. The Sugar Plum Fairy is not just a cocktail, it's an invitation to dress up your holiday in the grandeur of this season’s magic.



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First take a tall glass and gently muddle the plum gently in the bottom of the glass then set it aside. Then add vodka, plum brandy, lemon, egg white and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker without ice and shake vigorously for around 30 seconds (this is called a “dry shake”). Open the shaker and add ice, then shake again for around 30 seconds. Strain into the Collins glass with the muddled plum and top with soda/tonic.

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