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Dom B & B Benedictine





Bénédictine is a subtle alchemy of 27 different plants and spices. Some of the herbs and spices have been used since the biblical times and many still have a place in folk remedies. The origin of these plants is like a journey around the world: from Greece to Africa, to Indonesia, India and so much more. This liqueur has a distinctive aroma of spices and citrus fruit, offering notes of crisp freshness, softened by a touch of honey, a truly unforgettable taste awakening all your senses. Its extremely rich texture will line your palate with an incomparable sensation of mellowness. Drink Bénédictine neat or in the classic Vieux Carre cocktail. You can also mix it with hot water for a warming drink or combine it with sparkling wine, finishing with a squeeze of lemon juice.