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Filibuster Triple Cask Bourbon

Filibuster Triple Cask





There are six expressions of this limited-release, barrel proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey which blends 5-year-old High Rye Bourbon and 5-year-old Sweet Mash Filibuster Straight Bourbon. The liquid is then finished in a third cask, resulting in a uniquely balanced, handcrafted, high-proof whiskey offering a complex and distinctive Straight Bourbon expression with an incredibly smooth finish.

Tokaji Finish – 112.80 Proof. Aged 3 additional months.  Sweet vanilla, almond and coconut. Almond crème brulee, blackberries, nougat and marzipan.  Toffee, spices and cake, malty drinks, peppery spices and dark roasted grains.

Cognac Finish – 113.14 Proof. Aged 12 additional months. Floral notes, freshly pressed grapes, violets or vanilla.  Bruised apple, apricot, caramel.  Green fruits and spices.

Scotch Finish – 117.10 Proof. Aged 12 additional months. Vanilla, sugar, candied citrus, ripe papaya and ocean spray.  Flavors of saltwater taffy, vanilla, mint, roasted nuts.

Port Finish – 112.99 Proof. Aged 3 additional months. Blackberries, raisins and cinnamon with raspberry iced tea and toasted oak.  Fruits and spices, vanilla pound cake, craisins , cinnamon and clove spice.

Sherry – 117.10 Proof. Aged 11 additional months. Dried red fruits, drying oak tannins, raspberry jam. Prominent blueberry, grape and oak spice flavors.

Moscatel – 113.47 Proof. Aged additional 3 months.  Creamy tropical fruits, baked peach, golden plum, white grape and cardamom. Sweet vanilla, egg custard, ripening banana, madeira cake.

Madeira – 117.10 Proof. Aged additional 11 months. Dark caramel with walnut oil, hazelnuts and burnt sugar. Nutty, herbal, spicy, earthy, coffee and dried fruit. Orange peel, coffee and dried fruit.