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Jacob's Pardon Small Batch Whiskey Recipe #2

Jacobs Pardon Small Batch Whiskey Recipe 2




Nearly a century ago, Jacob and Abner Taub crafted and bootlegged their own whiskey during Prohibition to support their family. Then one fateful winter night in 1929, their world came crashing down during a sting that would land the brothers behind bars. Six long years later, Franklin D. Roosevelt pardoned the Taub brothers.  This would set into motion a family tradition that would span generations. The brothers served their time, and now, and now the Taub family continues this legacy with the introduction of Jacob's Pardon, a fine American whiskey that pays homage to their rebellious roots.  Fragrances of dry cereal, corn and baking spice.  Tastes of cocoa butter, clove, caramel and baked honey ham. 
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