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Five Mile Mountain Distillery

5 Mile Mountain Distillery Staff

Located in a former water treatment plant, 5 Mile Mountain is Floyd’s first distillery since prohibition. Opening their distillery required changing the liquor laws of the town of Floyd, which was done successfully in 2015, allowing the distillery to begin operations and open a tasting room. Using an old recipe from a famous local moonshiner, each small batch of moonshine is produced using a traditional copper still on an open flame. Affectionately named “Mountain Girl," the 100-gallon copper still is lovingly tended to by both distillers (and distillery dog, Titus) to ensure that the product represents the same quality as their predecessors. Kerry Underwood and Patrick Sisk are committed to using natural ingredients including local Virginia corn, local elderberries in their Elderberry Moonshine and local plums in their Vanilla Plum Moonshine. They are bottling up the love, history and distinctive taste of Five Mile Mountain and putting it on the shelves for everyone to enjoy. Cheers!

Pictured: Kerry Underwood, Patrick Sisk and Titus the distillery dog

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Five Mile Mountain Distillery

Five Mile Mountain Distillery
489 Floyd Hwy S
Floyd, VA 24091