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Chesapeake Bay Distillery

Chesapeake Bay Distillery
Founded in 2005, Chesapeake Bay Distillery’s mission is to create spirits of exceptional quality and provide remarkable value to their patrons. Operating just a seashells throw from the Virginia Beach oceanfront, Chris Richeson (pictured) distills two vodkas, one rum and a lemon liqueur (distillery-only products). With a commitment to purity, Chris brings his knowledge of industrial automation and precision to the distillation process. Using both a pot still and a twenty-plate column still, all the “nasties” are removed from the spirit, leaving a clean, quality product that is easy to enjoy. You can find Chesapeake Bay Distillery products in their tasting room, which features a monthly cocktail menu, at Virginia ABC stores and online.
Chesapeake Bay Distillery
Products from Chesapeake Bay Distillery

Chesapeake Bay Distillery
437 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


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