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Destination: International "Flight"

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Grab your cocktail shaker and take this mesmerizing alcohol “flight”, where we journey across the world through the remarkable flavors of cocktails. We have curated four daisy cocktails using grape-based spirits from across the world.

From the highlands of Bolivia to the enchanting vineyards of France, and from the Andean terrains of Peru to the sun-kissed valleys of Italy, we'll take your taste buds on a whirlwind adventure through the diverse and delightful realms of these four distinct cultures.

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The Yacón Naranja or "Orange Daisy" is an exotic fusion of flavors that pays homage to the vibrant and tantalizing essence of South America. Enjoy with Macchu Pisco, a premium spirit made from quebranta grape.

Read full recipe here.


Indulge in the Marguerite Mûre or "Blackberry Daisy", a refined libation that pays tribute to the sophistication and elegance of French culture. The marriage of delectable blackberry notes with grape-based vodka creates a harmonious symphony.

Read full recipe here


Margarita Sandía or "Melon Daisy" is an enchanting cocktail inspired by the mesmerizing landscapes of Peru. This delightful blend of flavors, topped with watermelon, will leave you with an indelible memory of your global expedition.

Read full recipe here.


Margherita al Limone or "Lemon Daisy", captures the sun-kissed allure of the Mediterranean with its zesty lemon infusion. As you savor this exquisite Italian delight, dont forget to enjoy the fragrant notes of the grape-based pomace brandy.

Read full recipe here

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