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Highland Park The Dark 17 Year Scotch

Highland Park The Dark 17 Year




The dark and light are concepts that exist in opposition, yet together create a perfect balance, and inspired the limited edition releases of the same name. The Dark 17 Year Old is a whisky for reflection; in it celebrates autumn and winter in Orkney – a time to escape from wild weather outside and gather with friends and family, sharing long nights of conversation and laughter around the fire. A rich and powerful single malt whisky, The Dark has been matured exclusively in sherry seasoned oak casks and is presented in an embossed black glass bottle. The serpent dragon design on takes its inspiration from the great Norse sagas, embracing both the high sun of the summer solstice and the low sun of the winter solstice, while the runic writing reflects the ancient carvings of our Viking ancestors, here in Orkney. ‘Embernectar’ is the word coined to describe this whisky’s unique flavor profile. It’s definitely easier than saying ‘distant campfires, toasted almonds, dried fruits, cinnamon, cedarwood, fruitcake and light smoke’.