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Skill Games

Please note: Skill games are prohibited effective July 1, 2021. For the most up-to-date information, please see Virginia ABC's letter regarding skill games (PDF), dated May 14, 2021.

In accordance with Executive Directive Eleven (11) issued on May 18, 2020, each operator or distributor shall register all skill games with the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. Updates on this regulation can be found on the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website.

Have a question? See Skills Games FAQs.

Please send all reports and correspondence to abcskillgames@virginiaabc.com.

Monthly Reports

Download Skill Games Monthly Report (XLSX)

Download Monthly Report Instructions (PDF)

Starting in the month of August 2020 and each month thereafter, all categories listed on the monthly report shall be filled out and submitted by the 20th of each month.

Reports must be sent as an Excel file.

Relocation of Machines

For information on relocating your skill game machine, see the resources below.

Instructions for Machine Relocation (PDF)
Machine Relocation Form (PDF)
Out of Service/Warehouse Transfer Form (PDF)

Please note: If warehousing a machine to avoid taxes for the following month, relocation requests should be made at least ten (10) days prior to the end of the current month. Once approved, ABC Skill Games will instruct you to complete the necessary forms and to provide images of the obliterated labels. The completed forms and images of obliterated labels must be submitted, for the approved request, by the last day of the current month. Do not submit forms and images until approval is received. Machines that have not properly completed the process and received approval by the end of the month will be subject to the taxes due the next month. Machines that have been properly warehoused, per the regulations, for an entire month will not be subject to that month's tax.

ABC Licensed Location- Ownership Change

If there is a change in ownership to an ABC licensed location, and the new owner of the store has a mutual agreement with the distributor to keep the skill game machine(s), notify ABC to obtain updated labels. Email abcskillgames@virginiaabc.com with the address of the ABC licensed location, current label numbers and note that this is a request for updated labels due to a change in ownership. ABC will then review the notification and inform you of the next steps of obtaining new labels. If the new owner of the store does not want the machines in their business, they are under no obligation to keep them. If there is not a mutual agreement with the new owner, the games should be removed from the location by following our relocation process.
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