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Restaurant Ordering

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Virginia ABC’s online ordering system allows licensees to place orders for distilled spirits and other ABC products around the clock. Supported by the agency’s Management of Inventory and Product Sales (MIPS) system, the online ordering function provides 24/7 access to ABC’s real-time inventory and enables licensees to view accurate, up-to-date product codes with present and future discounting.

Licensees utilizing the online ordering function receive automatic email notifications when orders have been submitted and again when orders are ready to be picked up at the store. The latter email includes the total amount due when the order is collected.

Many licensees still place orders by calling their ABC store or sending the order via a facsimile machine. They are unaware that online ordering can provide them with vastly enhanced resources and reliability in a busy and demanding industry.

As the agency continues to develop its newly redesigned website, it also will be making improvements to MIPS ensuring that online ordering is both easy to use and a reliable tool for meeting licensee needs.

“How To Start” instructions are available at the bottom of the Login to Account Central page along with a printable pdf “Licensee Ordering Guide.” Once an Account Central account is established, the licensee will have access to Virginia ABC’s online application “Licensee Ordering” and may place an order. After an order is placed, any changes (additions or deletions of products) will need to be made with personnel at the licensee’s primary store.

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