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Virginia ABC's Upcoming Online Licensing System

Virginia ABC has accomplished two major commitments to our customers:

  1. We’ve streamlined the number and type of licenses administered by the Authority and crafted a less complicated licensing structure for our licensees.
    • The Virginia General Assembly approved a new 2022 licensing and fee structure for ABC. It will consolidate 152 existing alcohol licenses down to 71, in a set of 12 categories, and reduce complexity and duplicative processes for businesses that manufacture, sell and/or serve alcohol.
    • More information will be forthcoming about the License Reform Legislation.
  1. We’ve updated our technology to allow all ABC license business transactions to occur through a new, state of the art, online system.
    • License transactions - Application, renewal, modification, surrenders, etc.
    • Financial transactions – All payment of fees, fines, taxes, etc.
    • Hearings and Appeals – Case management, docketing, reporting and correspondence
    • Training records – Training such as RSVP and MART will be officially recorded.
When will all this happen?

The General Assembly set the enactment of these changes for January 2022.

What happens in January 2022?
ABC will introduce the online licensing system which is a web-based software application available to our licensees 24 hours a day. This license portal will be accessed through the ABC website and will reflect all of the license and fee changes mandated by the Virginia General Assembly. 

How do I get access to the online licensing system?
If you already have an account with ABC, you will receive instructions in the mail on how to transfer your information into the new system. If you are not currently in our system, click the online licensing button, request to create a new account and provide all required information.

Will there be additional training opportunities?
ABC is planning to conduct a number of online “live” tutorials which will also be recorded and posted on the ABC website. However, the online licensing system software application is not hard to navigate even with no training or experience.

What if I don’t have internet access?
In the rare case where a licensee (or potential licensee) does not have access to the internet, a waiver can be granted and an additional service charge added to all paper transactions.

What if I have more questions about these changes?
Please contact your agent first. If the agent can’t answer your question immediately, he or she will get you the answer.

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Need Help?

Special agents are the primary resource for questions related to operating a business with an ABC license. Contact a special agent via your regional ABC office.